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Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX: Everything for extreme off-roaders

The ultimate desert cracker
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D he development of so-called side-by-side vehicles continues to pick up speed. Industry giant Can-Am is now entering the business with another extra-long four-seater. The designation side-by-side, as can be assumed, comes from the seat configuration side by side. Because these vehicles emerged from quad and ATV, where you sit on a bench like on a motorcycle.

With the Maverick series, Can-Am has been around for a long time, in addition to the two-seater there are already a four-seater Maverick, but in the 'good' normal version. What follows now with the Maverick X3 Max is the extension of the brand's power device. The Maverick X3 as a two-seater, on the other hand, is the bad boy of the family, with a chassis suitable for competition thanks to Fox rally dampers and 60 centimeters of spring travel, extremely widened track and appropriately equipped cockpit with bucket seats.

Maverick X3 Max with 154 turbo hp

Can-Am has now extended this concept and just rolled the X3 Max into the spotlight. It's just as radical as the short brother. Powered by the same Rotax three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine (900 cubic, 154 hp), a zero hundred time of around five seconds is expected. The chassis of the Maverick X3 Max with Fox Podium struts allows 56 centimeters of spring travel in the extreme RS version, which is also sufficient for really long jumps.

Because the Can-Am Maverick X3 Max is designed like its short brother especially for wide deserts like Baja California, which naturally restricts the application possibilities in narrow Europe. If there is enough exercise, up to three passengers can now let the pilot beat them through the prairie.

Can-Am has not yet communicated prices and delivery times, nor is there any information about exports to Europe. The two-seater Maverick X3 in the top RS version costs around 30,000 euros in Germany, for the new four-seater we expect a surcharge of around 3,000 euros.


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