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Cadillac Escala Concept: design flagship of the future

Cadillac Escala Concept
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C adillac wants to leave clear traces in the upper class segment and is setting its sights with the new one Design study Escala, debuting in Pebble Beach, another clear sign and a stately one. The Escala, which stands on 22-inch rims, comes as a four-door hatchback coupé with a length of 5.35 meters, a width of 1.95 meters and a height of 1.46 meters. The wheelbase is a mighty 3,228 mm. Of course, the study is based on the new rear-wheel drive platform, which also carries the CT6 and which clearly towers above that of the Escala. The Escala is powered by a new 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 with as yet undisclosed performance.


OLED cockpit landscape in the Escala

In terms of the lines, Cadillac remains true to its commitment to clear edges, but the study shows where Cadillac's design journey should go. The new front continues to use vertical LED headlights, but combines them with OLED elements. The radiator grille becomes more three-dimensional.

In the interior, the Cadillac Escala relies on a clear division into two parts. At the front everything revolves around the driving experience and the necessary technology, in the rear you should be able to relax completely. In the cockpit arrangement, everything revolves around a new three-spoke steering wheel and OLED screens embedded in a fine wood and leather landscape, which bundle all displays and operating functions. In the rear there are two retractable tablets on the back of the front seats. The interior is lined with a lot of leather and fine textiles.


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