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Cadillac DTS Presidential: The safest car in the world

Cadillac DTS Presidential
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2 In 009 the first Cadillac in the country solved the DTS of the Bush administration from. However, the information about Barack Obama's company car is sparse - everything about the black giant is treated like a state secret. Externally, the Cadillac DTS is a DTS. According to GM, the length of the vehicle remained unchanged, but the presidential coach rises higher to improve clarity. For all those who still do not immediately recognize which limousine is passing by, the Cadillac One has LED-illuminated standards on the front fenders. In addition, numerous presidential logos indicate the importance of the mission.

Presidential caddi with massive armor

Connoisseurs suspect a truck platform from the GM group under the sheet metal, because other substructures would come Not clear with the enormous additional weight due to the suspected 13 centimeter thick bulletproof glass and twelve centimeter thick steel protection planking as well as high-strength steels, multi-layer high-strength fabric mats and multi-layer explosive mats. So that the fortress also rolls, a large-capacity V8 engine with an estimated 600 hp works under the front hood - nitrous oxide should mobilize more horses.

In the interior, the presidential office can be wrapped in hand-cut and hand-sewn leather. A seating system in the rear with armchairs opposite creates a conference atmosphere. Complete multimedia office equipment enables state-sponsored business to be carried out on the go.

There can be speculation about the further equipment of the presidential limousine: Among other things, there is talk of smoke cannons and a bug-proof cabin. It is certain that the Cadillac One should also withstand heavy rocket fire, should it ever come to that.

However, the Cadillac has also left Barack Obama down once. When leaving the US embassy in Dublin, the Cadillac One did not make the small driveway and got stuck because of its long wheelbase and the cheering of the audience. A nightmare for the Secret Service.

When the US presidents still drove by steam

at the end of the 19th In the 20th century, the transition to rail-independent motorized means of transport was also dared by the US presidents. The first vehicle was a steam car used by the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley. Under the presidency of hisSuccessor Theodor Roosevelt bought the first state limousine, a Stanley Steamer - also powered by steam.

There was still no clear decision on the drive concept, so William Howard Taft used a Baker Electric in 1909, which brought it to a top speed of about 37 km /h. The presidents quickly came to the conclusion that a limousine also had to perform representative tasks. The upper-class models from American manufacturers were soon used - large sedans, landaulets and open cars from Lincoln, Cadillac, Packard or Pierce-Arrows. At first they were still in standard condition, but it wasn't long before specially modified, luxurious versions were made available to the presidents.

Only closed limousines since the Kennedy assassination

The limousines that were used by the presidents kept getting bigger. Mostly they were open convertible versions that were specially made to be able to transport the presidents and their entourage. A turning point came on November 22nd, 1963 when John F. Kennedy was shot in his open Lincoln. Since then, closed sedans have been used, which have also been increasingly armored. The highlight so far is the Cadillac DTS currently in use, which, with its armament (explosives, hand grenades and automatic weapons) and armor, has an empty weight of around five tons.


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