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C-V2X European premiere: How cars talk - to whoever

Networking - C-V2X European premiere
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A BMW i3, a Peugeot 2008, a Citroën DS5 and a Ford Mondeo meet for a nice chat. What starts out like a very lame joke is in reality a very decisive hurdle on the way to networked vehicles: How can vehicles from different manufacturers communicate with each other. Does a Ford also speak BMW? A BMW also PSA? Can the Citroën maybe even have traffic lights? And does a PSA model also speak BMW Motorrad? The good news: yes they do. The bad: It's not that easy.

Transfer. And because the C-V2X also speaks a cellular language, the decision for 5GAA is obvious. In addition, significantly fewer of the 5.9 GHz units required for direct communication have to be integrated into the infrastructure in a dense 5G network than with the 802.11p solution. The 5G network then takes on some of the tasks of these units.

In the end, the industry or - the money

No matter which technical approach you prefer, everything is up and running coincides with the legal framework. And 5GAA is currently clearly ahead. China has set a very ambitious roadmap for the C-V2X introduction by 2020 and has thus created facts. In the USA, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is now at least ready to no longer recommend one of the systems, but has positioned itself technically neutral. That means: the industry decides. And Europe? Is not there yet. If the 5GAA drivers have their way, the EU will also be technology neutral. Then the industry would also decide here. And the currently preferred C-V2X.


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