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C 63 from PS professional Sidney Hoffmann: 25,000 euros celebrity bonus

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Mercedes AMG C 63 S to buy from PS professional
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D he from the TV well-known PS professional and tuning expert Sidney Hoffmann is notorious for its eye-catching foiling. So it's no wonder that the extravagant Mercedes sports sedan has also been given a chic outfit - in camouflage colors! Finally, gold rims with five double spokes accentuate the Mercedes and therefore match the exterior design, which is also provided with gold accents.

With 643 hp on request, but without guarantee

Sidney Hoffmann had it Mercedes already sold last year. For 98,888 euros, the Benz is now for sale in a car dealership in Hagen with around 15,000 kilometers of mileage. As a production vehicle, the souped-up Swabian was a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Edition 1 from 2015. According to the dealer, the new price for the base vehicle is 117,000 euros. The formerly silver-colored AMG has received some extras from Hoffmann in addition to its extensive standard equipment: KW coil springs (from 750 euros), multi-part 20-inch Schmidt rims (for 6,000 euros), a flap exhaust from Friedrich Motorsport and 200-cell sports cats (from 3,670 euros) and camouflage wrapping (3,000 euros). As an option, Sidney Hoffmann also offers an increase in performance for the Benz to 643 hp and 820 Nm (series 510 hp and 700 Nm). But there’s no guarantee for that.

25,000 euros celebrity bonus

The PS professional has invested around 15,000 euros in the Benz for his tuning conversions. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether these justify the high price that is charged by dealers for the brisk Swabian. For comparison: the C-Class sedans with the “Edition 1 Package”, four-digit mileage, ceramic brakes and matt silver paint start at 75,000 euros - that is 25,000 euros less. Without tuning measures and the 'Edition 1 package', you would get a C 63 S even cheaper for around 68,000 euros.


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