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Features: practical and stylish

U different To a certain extent, design lines form the grid in which colors, materials and individual additional elements can be combined. There are even two room concepts for the Smart Forfour.

The standard equipment of the Smart offers what is necessary for safe driving, but the lists with the available additional equipment arouse the desire to configure an individual, distinctive two- or four-door car. In addition to the base prices (Smart Fortwo from 10,425 euros, Smart Forfour from 11,085 euros), Smart offers the following lines: Passion (1,390 euros) offers fabric seats, 15-inch aluminum wheels and color combinations of the instrument panel, door center panels, decorative stitching and accent trim. Prime (from 1,990 euros) also includes 15-inch models and leather upholstery with heated seats, and Proxy (from 3,390 euros) shines with a panoramic roof, blue and white interior, cool & audio package and the sports package with 16-inch wheels . Other recommended extras that make life with the Smart more pleasant: electric folding sunroof (990 euros, Smart Forfour only), automatic transmission (from 1,150 euros), parking aid (300 euros) and the Cool & Media package (1,750 euros), which also includes a navigation system for automatic air conditioning. In the Smart Forfour, you should definitely order the Ready-Space-System (275 euros), which offers additional cargo space with retractable rear folding seats. For travel enthusiasts: 35-liter tank (surcharge 60 euros, series 28 l).

Colors and surfaces - why it's a smart one can never be too colorful

About the possibilities of making a very personal design statement with colors. The famous painter Wassily Kandinsky is said to believe that colors are the keys that make the strings sound in the piano of our soul. The co-founder of abstract painting would have been delighted with the Smart: The Smart Fortwo has ten, and the Smart Forfour nine basic colors for the body surfaces, plus six tones for the Tridion safety cell and five differently painted radiator grille masks. Black or white are standard, the other spectrum costs an extra charge: 360 euros for the body colors, 250 euros for the cell and 60 euros for the honeycomb radiator grille.

Drive: Strength and stamina

When it comes to motors, the choice is not difficult: the three-cylinders perform as suction cups 61 or71 hp, although the base engine does not have an automatic start-stop system. The Forfour should be boosted by 90 turbo horsepower.

With a curb weight of almost 900 kilograms, the basic engine with 61 horsepower is enough for the Smart Fortwo to get around the city, but if you want to save fuel in the canyons, you have to Rely on the 10 HP more powerful Smart: Although it costs 560 euros extra, it hardly consumes more and has an automatic start-stop system as standard. The sheer performance data of the two vacuum cleaners do not differ significantly: the two power levels need 15.6 and 14.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km /h, while the turbo takes it to a respectable 10.4 seconds. The four-door weighs around 100 kilograms more than the Smart Fortwo and is allowed to haul 425 instead of just 270 kilograms. With the 90 hp turbo, it reaches the 100 km /h mark from a standing start after 11.2 seconds (factory specification), and the forward thrust then stops at speeds of up to 165 km /h. The five-speed manual gearbox is pleasantly light and precise to operate, but the six-speed automatic transmission offers more convenience.

Costs: Use smart offers

Smart takes innovative approaches such as the free app and add on services to provide buyers with tangible benefits. There are also special offers such as a free set of winter wheels on light alloy rims.

The fact that more can mean less is made clear, for example, by the smart motors available. The 71-PS version of the Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour is 560 euros above the price of the 61-PS three-cylinder, but because the more powerful engine has an automatic start-stop system and, according to the factory, half a liter per 100 kilometers requires less fuel than the basic engine, the additional price is significantly cushioned by the lower operating costs. As an autumn offer, Smart is now offering a free set of winter wheels with a three-year guarantee on the tires for every new model purchased. The all-in leasing includes a maintenance and guarantee package, and with the Plus 3 financing, the customer can choose between the options 'keep', 'return' or 'sell'.

Conclusion - Really big when others give in

Driving a Smart means doing without: no parking problems in the city, maximum maneuverability even in the heaviest traffic and one Equipment that deliberately keeps superfluous frills away from the order catalogs. If the two-seater is the clever answer to the ever-increasing traffic density in our urban centers, the four-seater is, so to speak, the technical extension to a social medium: hardly three-quarters of a meter longer, but with space for four people or bulky luggage. Ordering is fun for creative people: If you dig deep into the brochure with the color samples, you can get a really individual oneCreate an automobile - in cadmium red with a black cell, for example, including prime equipment and 90 hp.

Freestyle and duty of good taste

Options are great, but not always a gift from Heaven; namely not when people are characterized by neither good nor bad taste, but none at all. And among the more than 1,000 possibilities to design a completely individual business card from the Smart by choosing a color, there are a few combinations that actually don't work at all. However, the manufacturer does not let its customers down: A table warns against combining a body in Hazel Brown or Black to Yellow with a Tridion cell in Cadmium Red or Lava Orange. This also applies to the interior in black and orange. But if you have mastered the choice of colors, you drive more than a car: a contemporary statement of good taste.


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