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Buying a used car: Brand dealer with good range

Buying a used car
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E lf of the twelve Brands in the test make good or very good offers and sometimes offer cheap financing, warranty periods of up to two years, free maintenance contracts and sometimes even grant a right of return when buying a used vehicle. Ten of the twelve manufacturers also provide their services for third-party brands. The exceptions: BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Pay attention to the scope of services when buying a used car

However, the differences between the used car programs are considerable. The programs from Audi, Citroën, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen achieved the best test result 'highly recommended'. With these brands, customers can trust that the cars have undergone an extensive technical check, test drives are a matter of course, a guarantee is included free of charge and the car can even be returned within a period of around two weeks. As a rule, the service also includes a mobility guarantee and maintenance contracts, with the exception of VW, where a surcharge is charged.

With the best providers in the test, it is also possible to finance used vehicles at interest rates that are even below the usual Lending rates are and are subsidized by the manufacturer.

Car buyers should pay particular attention to the duration of the guarantee. While Citroën and Mercedes-Benz, for example, offer a two-year guarantee on used vehicles, the guarantee at VW is limited to twelve months - extensions are chargeable. There are also significant differences in the duration of the free maintenance contracts, as well as in the scope of the technology check. Although the tests of all brands include the most important components of the vehicles, while for example VW 190, Jaguar 140 and Audi 110 points are checked, there are only 40 criteria for Peugeot and only 30 for Toyota.

The weakest program in the test with 'conditionally recommendable' was Ford's used car program. There is no right of exchange, no maintenance contract and no special financing. The guarantee is limited to twelve months.

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