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Buying a new car up to 25 percent cheaper: The 100 highest discounts

Dino Eisele
New car purchase up to 25 percent cheaper
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F regrets and sorrows are also dense in the automotive industry together. Because while the manufacturers are benefiting from the upturn, the new car trade in Germany is in crisis. Business is still paralyzed, as the registration statistics make clear: Compared to the scrappage bonus year 2009, the companies sold over 800,000 fewer cars in the first nine months of 2010, and even in the normal car year 2008, the dealership had sold around 200,000 more units in the same period. So there is no end in sight to the discount war.

Average discount on new vehicle purchases is 18 percent

Since private customers in particular are reluctant to buy, retailers are still generous. As a sample of 100 models by auto motor und sport shows, the average discount has fallen from 21 to 18 percent, but that shouldn't be discouraging. After all, the amount of the discount depends on the model, and here some have increased again compared to 2009.

For example, the VW Golf is now 19 percent instead of 13. For the Opel Corsa, the negotiating leeway ends at 25 percent - that's four percent more than last year. It looks similar with the Ford Kuga, Opel Insignia and Mazda 6. The Seat Exeo ST makes the biggest leap, the station wagon increases in terms of discount from ten to 22 percent.

15 percent discount after short-term registration

An analysis by the Dataforce market observers shows that these offers are not limited to a limited number of quotas Vehicle trade by around 41 percent. The cars are often only registered for a few days and then sold at high discounts - discounts of over 15 percent are usually due to short-term registrations.

However, one should note that these offers cannot always be combined with the cheap financing offered by the manufacturers. The so-called all-inclusive packages, which promise a price advantage of up to 20 percent according to auto motor und sport calculations and consist of subsidized loans, maintenance contracts, extended warranties and vehicle insurance, are often taboo.

Look for an independent bank for financing

If you want to finance a car with a high cash discount, dealers often get less favorable interest rates. Herean offer from an independent bank can be better. There are some financial institutions on the market that offer credit-independent financing and, on top of that, do not charge a processing fee. In the best case scenario, a loan of 10,000 euros and a term of three years can save more than 600 euros in interest.


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