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G erade in Internet exchanges Dubious sellers often ennoble used cars as old or youngtimers. Of course there are also serious offers on the Internet. But also interested parties should definitely look in daily newspapers, advertising papers and in the classifieds section of oldtimer magazines such as Motor Klassik.

There the offer is less, but the cars are usually much better. Basically, it is advisable to take an expert with you for the desired model for a test drive and to obtain information about the car. Most of the driving reports in Motor Klassik contain extensive purchase advice. The purchase advice also names specialists, spare parts suppliers and clubs.

The right type of registration and insurance for the classic car

Once you have bought your dream car, you have to decide how to register it. For cars that are less than 30 years old, this is only possible with a normal license plate. If you don't want to drive your classic all year round, you can register it with a seasonal license plate for a fixed period of time over several months. This eliminates the annoying logging in and out at the start and end of the season. Cars that are more than 30 years old can be registered with an H license plate or with a 07 number.

In both cases, a vehicle approval by a testing organization is necessary. It checks the operational safety of the car and confirms its status as a 'vehicle-technical cultural asset'. The one-off test costs around 80 euros. Cars with an H license plate can be used in road traffic without restriction and have to have a general inspection every two years.

07 number plate with logbook

The AU and HU obligation does not apply to the registration on the red number, which can also be used for several classic cars - but only for test and adjustment drives and for classic car events. In order to prevent misuse, some registration offices require that owners of 07 change number plates keep a logbook. Anyone who applies for a 07 number must usually show a police clearance certificate. This is available for around 15 euros at local citizens' offices.

When registering for H and 07 license plates, an annual vehicle tax of EUR 192 will be charged ichen more favorable in tax terms. Many insurance companies are now offering special old and youngtimer tariffs. Prerequisite: the car must not be used as an everyday vehicle. Almost all insurers also insist on a valuation report. This is checked byor expert organizations such as Classic Data (, costs around 110 euros.


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