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Bush taxi meeting 2016: World's largest land cruiser party

Harald Dawo
Bush taxi meeting 2016
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Z given, metropolitan region works differently. If you are looking for action, Remmidemmi and party clubs, you will not be addressed in the tranquil Storndorf. Church, village shop, kindergarten describes the main highlights of the 800-inhabitant village.

And that's a good thing. Because this idyllic and decelerated environment is perfect for the annual bush taxi meeting, which the Storndorf population multiplies for a long weekend. Off-road vehicle fans do not have to explain that the 'bush taxi' was originally the long J4 Land Cruiser and that this designation has since been passed on to the J7 series. It's not that important either, because at the largest Toyota Land Cruiser meeting in the world, which is now being held for the 15th time, everyone is somehow a bit of a bush taxi.

The bush taxi meeting is launched and organized by Alexander Wohlfarth, aka. “Netzmeister” who organized the event at the time, unsurprisingly, according to the off-road vehicle portal and bush taxi forum named. The originally very familiar dimensioned rendezvous of Buschtaxi forum users has meanwhile blossomed into an event of the somewhat larger kind - but it has remained familiar.

Over a thousand off-road vehicles

Wohlfarth registered over a thousand participant vehicles , which illustrates the planning and organizational effort behind this annual giant meeting of the Toyota off-road scene. And accordingly, Alexander lays down alone in the run-up to the event with a large team of helpers.

Harald Dawo
OrganizerAlexander Wohlfarth counted over a thousand participant vehicles.

The reward for the effort: The so-called dealer mile in the central area of ​​the camp, which has now grown to 40 companies, would be the journey value. But in fact, the participants are interested in much more than shopping in the open air. The heart of the meeting are the numerous lectures and workshops by long-distance travelers and technology professionals, where even a seasoned bush taxi driver can learn something or simply dream of the big tour far away.

The real experience is, however, simply the meeting itself. Friends, old companions, but also previously complete strangers join together in smaller and larger groups, pitch the roof tent on the spacious area, post their off-roader converted into a mobile home or even maneuver a caravan in a very mundane way in position.

As in Woodstock

The practical thing about it is the very, very spacious area, the so-called 'Stehrodrom', a local construction machinery manufacturer. The usual narrowness of similar events with cars lined up in a row: Doesn't exist. Instead, the more than a thousand participant cars are spread out in the gentle hilly landscape, in the evening countless braziers burn, and people stroll comfortably across the square. If it were old VW Bullis instead of SUVs, you would feel like you were traveling back in time to Woodstock.

At that time, however, it was tighter.

Harald Dawo
The first participants set up camp several days beforehand.

The peaceful, happy celebration atmosphere is not disturbed by any brand presumption. Although mostly Land Cruisers, followed by Hilux in all imaginable ages and physical states, follow the network master's call every year, the bush taxi community is completely relaxed when a Land Rover Defender or Mercedes G joins them - the attitude to life counts.

Buschtaxi-Treffen 2016

Because there is deliberately no off-road driving on the site itself, a road book tour was organized around Storndorf with less than ten percent asphalt.A fine move: Wohlfarth passes on donations from the participants to the local kindergarten.

The fact that Alexander Wohlfarth is an “excellent brand ambassador” in business terms with his bush taxi meeting has long been recognized by Toyota's German headquarters and traveled with a delegation of five new Hilux including a roof tent, led by Germany -Chef Tom Fux personally. The bush taxis also welcomed the modern modern luxe in a friendly manner and immediately incorporated them - family.

The next bush taxi meeting will take place from September 18-20, 2017, the planning is already underway. The date is only an approximate guideline, because this year, too, the first participants had driven up several days earlier and set up camp.

In the picture gallery we show you some impressions from the bush taxi meeting 2016 in Storndorf.


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