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Burner ban in the Balearic Islands from 2035

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D the regional parliament of the Balearic Islands decided on Tuesday (February 12, 2019) a diesel ban for Mallorca and its neighboring islands. With the new law, from January 1, 2025, cars with diesel engines and motorcycles with internal combustion engines will not be allowed in the Balearic Islands. Ten years later, i.e. from the beginning of 2035, new registrations of cars with gasoline engines will also be banned. Then only vehicles with electric drive will be allowed on the popular holiday islands.

Vehicles with combustion engines that were registered before these deadlines will enjoy grandfathering until 2050. For vans with combustion engines, a new registration period will apply until 2035. Car rental companies must Gradually convert their fleets to electric cars from 2020 onwards.

1,000 charging stations planned

However, the law 'Climate Change and Energy Transition', according to which the islands should be without fossil fuels by 2050, sees it still further measures for the Balearic Islands. Among other things, 1,000 charging stations are to be set up on the islands for the upcoming electric cars. A corresponding tender for 12 million euros has already been published. In addition, 8.5 million euros in aid for hotels and car rental companies are planned to support them in setting up their own charging stations. Private individuals should also receive financial support. In addition, parking garages and new buildings with a floor space of over 1,000 square meters are to be equipped with photovoltaic systems.

According to official information, around 750,000 cars are on the road in Mallorca alone, plus around 70,000 rental cars for tax reasons are permitted on the Spanish mainland.

A combustion ban is also planned on the Spanish mainland. A bill on the energy transition from November 2018 provides for only new electric cars to be registered from 2040. The ban would not only affect gasoline and diesel vehicles, but also hybrid vehicles and gas-powered vehicles. Vehicles with internal combustion engines are to be banned completely from the roads of Spain by 2050.


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