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Bureko 6x6: three-axle vehicle with 720 hp in the driving report

Bureko 6x6 in the driving report
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A nfirst, you reflexively duck your head when an underpass or Tunnel entrance is approaching. Since you are enthroned far above everyone else in the Bureko 6x6, even above the SUV drivers, at the beginning you always unconsciously doubt whether it really fits. But it fits, and that's why this reflex soon subsides again. In general, everything quickly feels pretty normal. That is surprising, after all, the Bureko looks really extraordinary. Or absurd. Or pretty cool - depending on automotive preference.

First Hummer, then Land Rover, now Silverado

But wait ... Bureko, what is that? What sounds like a refrigerator manufacturer or a capital in Africa is a pretty martial pick-up truck from the Czech Republic. The three-axle vehicle comes from the Burekone company from Budweis, which specialized in this type of car a few years ago. First they created Hummer-based pickups, later a Land Rover Discovery was among them. Now the Czechs are using the Chevrolet Silverado as Basis.

However, we wouldn't have much of that if it weren't for Andreas Braun and Herbert Herrmann. Burekone builds the car, but does not want to do anything that has to do with homologation, registration, marketing and sales. Braun, based in Johanngeorgenstadt on the German side of the Ore Mountains, takes care of the first two topics and optimizes the technology of the Bureko. “Our customers have higher demands than those in most other countries. For example, the engine has to be absolutely resistant to full throttle and suitable for German motorways, ”says Braun. Herrmann from the Swabian town of Leinfelden-Echterdingen has more of an eye on the business side - and enabled a short-term test drive with the 6x6.

Classic US pick-up chic in the interior

On-site meeting in downtown Stuttgart: Editor Harloff with the Bureko 6x6.

Its origins from the standard pick -up becomes apparent immediately after boarding - or better: climbing - the Bureko, which has a ground clearance of 30 to 37 centimeters. In the natural Silverado cockpit, the occupants are greeted by classic US commercial vehicle chic, plus a good deal of cup holders, shelves and other compartments. As is usual in pick-ups, the dashboard is oriented more vertically, with a gray plastic landscape rearing up in front of the front occupants. The Double Cab offers a lot of space in all directions, all passengers could have brought their cowboy hats with them and left them on their heads.

But the ambience is more of a sideline today. The Bureko should show how it drives. So the rather sloppy steering wheel lever for the automatic is brought to position 'D', and the 6x6, which is 2.8 tons empty, starts to move discreetly. Not in the optical sense, because in addition to the sheer size of the 5.83-meter colossus, the Hummer-style radiator grille, the sharply slotted headlights, the handles, the XXL lighting system and, above all, the carbon planks on the fenders and side panels make an impression . Acoustically, however, the three-axle vehicle that can be driven with a B-class driver's license is lambolous. Until the Bureko receives a sports exhaust system with side pipes, which is currently in the approval process, it is a rather quiet fellow. The rolling noise of the coarse off-road tires and the compressor whine mostly drowns out the exhaust.

Hennessey compressor tuning for the 6.2 liter V8

Moment: compressor whine ? The Silverado does not have forced ventilation ex works , but this deficiency can be remedied. Among other things, from the US tuner Hennessey, who offers various performance kits for the Chevy pick-up. According to European taste, the whole thing is arranged a bit rough by the Texans. Andreas Braun therefore goes deep into the drive technology of the three-axle vehicle and ensures that the engine has 720 hp and the driver can call up the power as often and for as long as possible.

How many little horses actually arrive on the accelerator , cannot be fathomed on the short test drive. This morning is too rainy, the areas through which the Bureko rolls in just a few hours are too urban. In view of the long pedal travel and the seconds to think about the engine and automatic transmission, it quickly becomes clear: if you want to use all your performance, you have to give it more exercise. But once he's in motion, he's capable of a lot. This alone suggeststhe muffled rumble from the exhaust when it is now warm and the maximum torque of 1,013 Newton meters available from 4,000 revolutions.

The third axis is not noticed

Impressive entanglement: The Bureko 6x6 can be trusted to do a lot off-road.

Basically, the driving experience is in the Bureko a relaxed. It is not noticeable that another axis is also rolling. You quickly get used to the dimensions; even 2.19 meters wide with the exterior mirrors folded. It's a bit like a steamboat ride on asphalt. Like a captain on the bridge, the driver sits behind the amazingly smooth, but also quite indirect and callous steering wheel and, after the initial retraction of the head, enjoys the majesty that the extremely high seating position brings with it. Meanwhile, Andreas Braun is sitting in the passenger seat and looks relaxed; There usually seems to be enough space to the right side of the road. And when things get tight, the others evade - sometimes out of sheer fear.

During this tour, the Bureko is mostly in mid-wheel drive; by default, the motor force acts on the second axis. If it gets slippery, the Silverado electronics regulate it and direct some of the power to the front wheels. If the Bureko is to be connected to the all-wheel drive and the third axle, a push of a button on the specially installed panel in the center console is required. Then the additionally installed cardan shaft is switched on via another gearbox and brings the third axle into the boat.

Turning circle: 14.80 meters, base price: 309,000 euros

Why the Czech now is able, can only be guessed at after our brief encounter on asphalt roads and padded dirt roads. It would be interesting to take the Bureko to an expansive off-road playground. He is probably capable of impressive twists and mud escapades, after all, the ground clearance is huge and the overhangs are short - both of which are helpful in terms of ramp and slope angles. A limiting factor could be its awkwardness; the turning circle is 14.80 meters.

So fun the first oneAt the end of the encounter with the Bureko, the crucial question arises: Is this pleasure worth at least 309,000 euros, in the case of the test car even 380,000 euros? The answer can only be given by people who can afford it and are willing to spend so much money on this type of car. If you only go by the presence factor, then it's easily worth it. There are so many smartphone photo sessions, thumbs up and gasoline conversations with passers-by during test drives with a normal Chevrolet Silverado certainly not.


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