Bureko 6x6 lobster replica

Bureko 6x6 lobster replica
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2 010 breathed the General Motors brand Hummer in one quite an unworthy spectacle with supposed-and-then-not-buyers. But the lobster itself, especially the original H1, still resonates with friends of solid locomotion. Logically, new cars are no longer available, the few available and mostly very used military vehicles are a case for cast-iron fans, the range of civilian versions is very manageable.

Bureko 6x6

Because that's the Czech company Burekone SRO didn't like it and the topic 6x6 has been on the agenda of many wealthy people since the Mercedes G AMG 6x6 anyway, they took on the matter and built it themselves.

Bureko is now building 6x6 on the basis of the Land Rover Discovery - Designs with a brutal look that more than just cite the original. The advantage here is that the Bureko 6x6 only looks so brutal from the outside, the interior of the conversion, which is designed as a double-cab pickup, corresponds to the noble British original and offers the corresponding comfort.

Also about consumption values ​​and modern engine technology you don't worry too much about the Bureko 6x6, because here the V6 diesel from the Discovery with healthy 256 hp and 600 Newton meters of torque is used.

Drive technology from Land Rover

Bureko also uses the original technology for the eight-speed automatic transmission and the transfer case. The dimensions of the converted three-axle vehicle are not as huge as the optics suggest: with a length of 5.15 meters, the Bureko 6x6 corresponds to a common Japanese pickup, but is a bit wider at 2.17 meters. The height (two meters), however, is suitable for parking.

For the Bureko 6x6, the manufacturer promises a consumption of less than ten liters (which would be surprising) and a top speed of 155 km /h (which seems more plausible). The Bureko 6x6 weighs 2.9 tonnes, but it cannot load quite as much: after 349 kilos it is over.

The company has now completed two of the conversions, the price is reasonable - at least in comparison for the Mercedes G 6x6 - binding: the Bureko 6x6 changes hands for 141,000 euros.


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