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Bundestag adopts car toll: large majority for controversial toll

Bundestag adopts car toll
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EU still has to check the law on car tolls

O although the Federal Council will deal with the project again in May, the law can no longer be stopped. The introduction of the car toll, which was promoted by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), is to take place in 2016. However, the law is still being examined by the EU for possible discrimination against foreigners - the European Court of Justice also has to judge and approve the German project.

Days before the vote, the coalition had decided on a change in prices agreed. According to the Bild newspaper, a ten-day vignette should cost 5, 10 or 15 euros, the two-month vignette 16, 22 or 30 euros. The annual vignette costs an average of 74 euros, but no more than 130 euros. For domestic vehicle owners there should be a relief through the vehicle tax, which corresponds to the amount of the car toll.

Toll revenue of 500 Millions of euros possible

In addition to motorbikes, also vehicles of the German armed forces, customs and fire brigade, as well as vehicles that are approved for non-profit or charitable organizations and are mainly used for the transport of humanitarian aid abroad are excluded from the car toll will. In addition to the 13,000 kilometers of autobahns, around 40,000 kilometers of federal highways will also be subject to tolls from 2016.

According to Transport Minister Dobrindt, the revenue from the car toll, minus system costs, should amount to 513 million euros. The opposition expects 140 million euros.


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