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Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck: America's hottest fire truck

Howe & Howe
Howe & Howe Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck
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F Your fire fighting vehicles are specialists: tailored to one specific purpose that you can optimally cover. A specialty in the Southwest of the USA are the 'Wildland Fire Engines', also known colloquially as 'Brush Trucks'. They are used to transport a limited amount of extinguishing agent and an initial attack force into impassable terrain when forest or bush fires break out.

Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck

Often such brush trucks are based on medium-weight pickups, the greater part built on 12-ton trucks. Howe & Howe, a busy family business from Maine, has specialized in this variant. And because the Howe brothers always have a corresponding martial appearance when new vehicles are built there, the fire trucks sold under the type name 'Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck' are pretty sharp devices with which one would like to get involved in a desert rally .

Howe & Howe uses the medium-heavy truck series from International and offers an unusual service: depending on the budget of fire service customers, the conversions are offered not only on new vehicles, but also on tested, used trucks with low mileage . If you have to operate with tight finances, you can also get a robust oldie built in 1992.

Single or double cabin

For the Bulldog 4x4 Fire Trucks, single or double cab variants can be ordered that can transport three or five crew members. The Bulldog 4x4 Fire Trucks can be put together like on a menu: size of the extinguishing water tanks, power of the pumps, type and size of winches. But there are also niceties such as additional lighting or improved bumpers to increase the off-road capability.

Up to 2,000 gallons, the equivalent of 7,500 liters of water, can be transported on a Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck, depending on the tank. Pumps with an output of up to 5,600 liters /minute are available for the Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck. In addition to the spray system for self-protection, a monitor mounted on the front bumper, which is controlled from the cab, is usually used as the main projector. In this way, nests of fire can be attacked directly and quickly without having to leave the vehicle.

ForFor crew safety, Howe & Howe installed an external roll cage to protect the cabin and front of the Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck. Solid protective tubes on the front make it possible to break straight through the undergrowth in an emergency. If the Bulldog 4x4 Fire Truck is to be used in extremely rough terrain, the manufacturer also offers appropriate options to raise the transmission, tanks and bumpers and thus improve the ground clearance. With 54-inch tires, the Bulldog 4x4 has a full 63 centimeters of ground clearance.

A standard version of the Fire Truck with a 4,500-liter tank, 7-ton winch and complete special signal system is included a starting price of around $ 95,000.


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