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Build Your Dreams (BYD): This is the current BYD model range

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A us the company founded in 1995 went in 2003 BYD Auto. BYD Auto has development centers in Shanghai as well as production facilities in Xi'an and Shenzhen. Build Your Dreams currently employs a total of 130,000 people.

The current BYD model range

In 2005, the BYD F3 was the Chinese company's first own vehicle in the factory in Xi'an (production capacity: 200,000 cars per year). In June 2006 BYD presented the study of an electric car. The Chinese promised a range of up to 350 kilometers for the all-electric BYD F3e. Also in 2006 the first 200 BYD F3s were exported to Ukraine.

The BYD F0 is a 3.46 meter long small car that is offered by a 68 hp three-cylinder. The four-valve engine was developed in collaboration with Bosch and features two airbags as standard.

With a length of 4.53 meters, the F3 is already aimed at the mid-range segment and is available as an option offered with hatchback or notchback. It is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder from Mitsubishi, which has an output of 100 hp and is expected to accelerate the BYD F3 to up to 170 km /h. With the F3-R , BYD also has a 4.33 meter long compact in its range. Here, too, a Mitsubishi four-cylinder provides propulsion (106 hp, Vmax: 180 km /h). The F3 and the F3R are BYD's two best-selling models.

The top model in the BYD range is the F6 . It is an impressive 4.85 meters long and available with a two-liter (140 hp) and a 2.4-liter (165 hp). Despite its impressive length, the BYD F6 should only weigh 1,435 kilograms when empty.

With the F8 BYD also has a convertible on offer for fans of fresh air. It has an electro-hydraulic folding steel roof. In the BYD F8, the self-developed BYD 483QB engine with a displacement of two liters and 140 hp is used. Four airbags ensure safety.

With the F6DM (Dual Mode Electric Vehicle), BYD offers a plug-in hybrid vehicle that charges from a conventional socket within seven hours can be. With the help of the Quick Charge function, the lithium-ion batteries should even be able to be charged to 50 percent in just ten minutes. A gasoline engine acts as an additional power generator. In China, the BYD F6DM is already pricedsold for the equivalent of almost 17,000 euros.


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