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Buick Series 50 Super 4-Door Sedan: That`s great

Buick Series 50 Super 4-Door Sedan
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E s has become quieter in the small town Hemhofen near Erlangen. It was different about twelve years ago. At that time, the US car fan Heinz Redel decided to buy a Buick Series 50 Super - its restoration brought his friends a lot of work, but also joy and his neighbors at least a certain entertainment value. It all started with an ad in an advertising paper that offered the American limousine. The Buick was supposed to be in state 3, 'but my buddies who accompanied me on the tour clapped their hands over their heads,' remembers Redel. They advised him not to buy, but he had long since made the decision. He really wanted this car.

Buick Series 50 Super - a restoration by a specialist was out of the question

'I was particularly enthusiastic about the eight-cylinder in-line engine,' admits Redel - and admits that his optimism has all the warning lights outshone, which lit up in view of the numerous vehicle damage. A number of rust holes defaced the Buick Series 50 Super, the interior turned out to be totally rotten, the engine and transmission were stuck.

But with the support of his many friends, he would manage it, because a restoration in a specialist company was pending Cost reasons are never up for debate anyway. Together with a friend, Redel transported the Buick Series 50 Super on a trailer to their home garage - an action that also caught the attention of the neighborhood. It shouldn't be the last. Although temperatures plummeted due to the approaching winter, he began dismantling. He completely dismantled the car, placing the individual parts in boxes and shoeboxes, but failing to document them more precisely. A mistake, because years later when it came to assembling again 'I stood in front of some parts for ages until I knew where they belong,' says Redel.

After he had the body of the Buick Series 50 Super all Having disposed of parts he wanted to sandblast them - at home in the garage. He got himself a sandblasting machine and a noisy construction compressor that creaked for days. Of course, this noise was on the nerves of the neighbors, who finally burst their chills when a kind of Sahara feeling set in on their property due to the flying sand. 'We'll give another two hours, then we'll get the police',was the ultimatum.

The repair of the Buick Series 50 super body took a long time

Fortunately, Redel had almost finished the job anyway. However, this did not result in any real problems with the neighborhood. A good relationship is extremely resilient, and so everyone came to terms with the screeching of the grinding machine and the clanking and knocking that could be heard again and again over the next few years. The repair of the body took longer than expected. This was due to a Portuguese from the town whom Redel had been introduced to as a competent welder. But apparently he hadn't worked so much on cars, otherwise he would have checked before welding in the sills whether the doors of the Buick Series 50 Super could still be closed afterwards. In short, the man turned out to be a failure.

Expensive body work on the Buick Series 50 Super

After initially never answering questions about his fee, he finally made a horrific demand in the room. To enforce this, he used the engine and gearbox bearings as a means of pressure, which he had received from Redel and sent to a vulcanization company in Portugal for repairs: 'Either the money or the bearings will end up in the Atlantic.' Ultimately, Redel was happy to be able to draw a line under this unpleasant chapter. But at least the Portuguese had perfectly reproduced the required metal sheets. However, some of them had to be removed and rewelded. That took care of Redel's friend Peter Locker, who brought the bodywork to a happy end. One day when the neighbors saw Redel use a wheelbarrow to take the Buick Series 50 Super doors and fenders to a nearby paint shop, they knew they'd been through the worst.

Steering wheel rim made of a cherry tree

Redel decided on a royal blue paintwork, the roof turned beige. As mentioned, the interior was totally dilapidated, the headlining was missing and all the Bakelite parts were crumbled. Redel had the Buick Series 50 super seats completely rebuilt by a saddler. He also left the making of the panels and pulling in the headliner to specialists, whereby he procured the necessary fabrics and covers himself. He was very worried about the steering wheel, whose Bakelite wreath was only partially there.

A lodger named Uwe Schmid and a cherry tree in the neighborhood turned out to be the rescue. The tree, which had grown too big in the meantime, was supposed to go anyway - the time had come for that. Schmid, an all-rounder in all trades, sawed various square pieces of wood from the felled cherry tree, which then disappeared to dry in a boiler room. About two years later he took it out again and made a steering wheel rim for the Buick Series with the help of an old lathe50 great.

V8 transport by scooter

In view of this masterpiece, Redel was happy to forego originality. Incidentally, he did this in various cases when he couldn't find a part like the decorative elements on the rear fenders. He also planned to replace the missing air filter housing in the Buick Series 50 Super engine with an in-house design due to lack of availability. But he was spared that, because by chance he came across a suitable original part on Ebay.

Redel associates the machine with an experience that he can only laugh about. After a long search, he found a suitable company to overhaul the engine and the three-speed gearbox. He had stored the expanded eight-cylinder monster on a wooden pallet with rollers. In a fit of recklessness, he hit upon the idea of ​​hanging the pallet on his scooter and dragging it to the company about a kilometer away. That went wrong, of course. At a point where the road leaned towards the edge, the pallet suddenly rolled over and crashed into a parked car.

With the Buick Series 50 Super 4-Door Sedan to the US car meeting

But swam over it, that's forgotten. Several years had passed since Redel and his friends had worked hard. But now he wanted to go to the Street Mag Show in Geiselwind, a US car meeting, where he hoped to win a trophy with his Buick Series 50 Super. But the car didn't want to. The only thing missing was a bit of fine-tuning, but Redel inevitably had to wait until the next year's meeting. In fact, he then won the trophy he had hoped for. But most of the applause came from neighbors and friends. Both parties were happy when the car was ready - maybe for different reasons.


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