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Bugatti superyacht Palmer Johnson Niniette from 2 million euros

Bugatti superyacht Palmer Johnson Niniette
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Bugatti Niniette is available in three sizes and with three million prices

V or more than a year ago, both companies sealed their cooperation at the Qatar International Boat Show. Now there is the first information and pictures of the superyacht that bears the name Niniette.

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
The Bugatti Chiron is still to be presented - but should cost 2.2 million euros.

From now on, enthusiastic luxury yacht fans can even purchase the model. The base price is 2 million euros, for which the customer receives the 13 meter long PJ42. For comparison: the new Bugatti Chiron will cost 2.2 million euros. Those who like it bigger can order the PJ63 Niniette for 3.25 million euros. The heart of the 20 meter long and 6.2 meter wide yacht is the 63 square meter living area on deck, a 43 square meter living room below deck, luxurious accommodations for up to four guests and a crew cabin. On request, Bugatti can also design the interior individually tailored to the customer's needs. The top model is the 27 meter long PJ88 - the associated price is unknown.

Ben Walsh
Ben Walsh designed the Bugatti Sang Bleu Yacht Concept. 2009 as his very personal project for a special luxury yacht. There are more pictures of the concept in our photo show.

Style elements of the Type 41 Royale and Type 57 C Atalante

Ettore Bugatti developed racing boats and yachts as early as the 1930s - now more than 80 years later, this tradition is being continued - with a very special detail. Ninette is the nickname of Ettore Bugatti's daughter Lidia.

The design team of the luxury brand also focuses on the brand's style elements when building yachts. According to Bugatti, the design is “shaped by the characteristic sloping shoulder line of the Bugatti Type 57 C Atalante and the perfectly balanced proportions of the Type 41 Royale”. Flowing, puristic surfaces and lines should create a perfect balance between elegance and sportiness.

Bugatti Niniette up to 38 knots

Also typical for the brand: the pronounced center line and the two-tone design. This is particularly evident on the side through the use of titanium and carbon fiber. Various types of wood are provided for the deck, which form a natural counterpoint to the outer materials.

Otherwise, the Niniette SuperSport series is based on Palmer Johnson's - a mono hull with two outside floats. There is currently no information on technology, only that the Bugatti yacht should be 38 knots, i.e. around 70 km /h.

If you decide to buy a PJ Ninette now, you have to around 1 Wait a year.


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