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Brexit consequences: British auto production in free fall

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D as is announced by the British manufacturer association SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders) . Accordingly, with 1,303,135 vehicles produced, around two million fewer cars were built in 2019. The forecast for 2020 looks even bleak. Automobile production in the coming year will only be 1.27 million units.

The decline in vehicle exports is particularly noticeable. Here the quota of vehicles produced for export fell by 14.7 percent. While 1,237,608 export models were manufactured in 2018, this figure was 1,055,997 units last year. The share of exports fell from 81.5 to 81.0 percent.

The British car industry lives from this export quota - 8 out of 10 vehicles are destined for the export market. The sometimes double-digit declines in deliveries to individual countries show the complete drama. Exports to the US fell by 9.8 percent, those to China by 26.4 percent. Japan received 17.7 percent fewer UK cars. Exports to the EU countries fell by 11.7 percent. To put it into perspective: 54.8 percent of all car exports go to the EU, 18.9 percent to the USA and 5.3 percent to China.

Car country Great Britain

Car country Great Britain is that second largest market in Europe. In one day in the British auto industry ...

  • ... components for 39.4 million euros will be “just-in -time “delivered from the EU.
  • ... 1,100 trucks from the EU reach British car and engine plants
  • ... are 6,600 cars produced
  • ... 9,800 engines roll off the assembly line
  • ... are 4,300 engines transported to British plants
  • ... 1,400 cars go to British dealers
  • ... 5,200 cars are exported worldwide
  • ... 5,500 motors are exported worldwide


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