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Breakdowns & amp; Co .: The most used emergency telephone in 2018

Breakdowns, wrong-way drivers, fires
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S o There are around four calls per kilometer for 13,009 kilometers of motorway. Most of the reasons, even in the age of cell phones, include breakdowns and emergency calls. Exactly 41,673 calls were received in 2018. 10,790 calls reported people on the road, wrong-way drivers, objects on the road or embankment fires.

The most popular column is in Bremen

Of the 16,961 columns in operation, 11,524 were used last year. This corresponds to a utilization of 68 percent. By the way, the most frequently used emergency call box is in Bremen on the BAB 281 at 10.64 kilometers in the direction of the airport. There alone 203 people looking for help got in touch last year. Second place goes to North Rhine-Westphalia. Column No. 23.179, on the BAB 1 between Kreuz Bliesheim and AS-Euskirchen in the direction of Saarbrücken, received 186 calls. With 166 emergency calls, pillar 3.539 follows between AS-Zierenberg and AS-Breuna on the BAB 44 in Hesse. The most used emergency number in 2017 with the number 5.030 at Plech only made two emergency calls after the permanent construction site was closed in 2018.

Autobahn 3 has the most emergency calls. 4,220 the doorbell rang in the GDV headquarters after calls from the 769 kilometer long motorway. This is followed by Germany's longest autobahn at 962 kilometers, the A7, with 3,124 requests for help in front of the A1, of which 2,757 reports were received.

Exact location determination

By the way: Emergency telephones are approximately at a distance two kilometers on both sides of the federal highways. A black arrow on the white delineator shows the way to the nearest emergency telephone. According to the GDV, the great advantage of the pillars over the smartphone is the more precise location determination.


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