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Brazzeltag Technik Museum Speyer: Fire from all pipes!

Kai Klauder
Brazzeltag Technik Museum Speyer
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Engines are maltreated and Motörhead is a joke

W he still believes that Motörhead is the loudest band in the world, will be taught better by Brazzeltag at the latest. Some participants have their own understanding of the musical experience. While the 'Sgt. Wilson's Army Show' is playing on the stage and encouraging several dozen spectators to participate with its program, a motorcyclist turns either the four-cylinder of his Fireblade or the single-cylinder of his large scooter into the limiter.

On A few meters further, two modern Dodge Challengers roll through the crowd without underscoring their already unmistakable appearance with throttles every three seconds. But the high point in terms of volume are the demonstrations of the displacement giants and pre-war racing cars.

Deep bass and sweating at the dragster start

You can slow down during the numerous driving demonstrations on the circuit Approach its acoustically manageable and physical limits. When the shot glass class with their 50s machines jet sawing across the concrete, a good part of the frequencies remain in the inaudible range. But at some point that doesn't matter either, because without hearing protection this sense is switched off anyway.

With the Lanz Bulldogs, for example, you get a pleasant shower, because in addition to the even, deep-bass roar that you can feel in the pit of your stomach the earth is still shaking.

With the displacement giants Maybach Spezialrennwagen, Bugatti Type 5, 'Dr. Maybach', De-Dion Bouton and 200 PS Benz Grand Prix racing cars and others, the screeching of the supercharger remains above all in the ear - a unique mechanical crescendo.

Compressor screeching and displacement monsters

But if you start from the start If a dragster is surprised, whose exhaust pipes are only a few meters away, the body responds with eardrums vibrating for minutes and sweating. It's like being at a heavy metal concert, standing right in front of the huge loudspeakers on the stage - only three times louder.

The ultimate listening experience is then the show 'Fire in all.' Pots ', because with Brutus, Packard Bentley' Mavis 'and' Napier Bentley ', three racing cars start here that defy description. youThey actually spit fire out of their short exhaust pipes, paint black lines on the asphalt with every burst of gas and spread an olfactory mélange of burnt rubber, gasoline and oil.

Sausage grilling alá Brazzeltag

After the demonstration the three cubic capacity monsters in the paddock can be admired as they cool down. The roaring hot components shrink back to their normal size with a crackling sound and the tires are happy that they survived the ordeal. That in itself is an experience for the eyes, ears and nose.

Christopher Williams, owner and driver of the Napier-Bentley, but that's not enough. The Petrolhead has constructed a grill for his Napier. A rotisserie spit driven by a chain takes sausage and toast, the exhaust gas and flames ensure the right temperature. The food to be grilled is ripe in fractions of a second - and mostly for the bucket, because the heat comes spontaneously with every burst of gas, the white flour plate and minced meat noodle are then charred beyond recognition. When Williams switched off the 550 PS 24 liter Napier aircraft engine after this barbecue spectacle, the crowd roared and cheered - this is Brazzeltag!

John T. Essberger and Iwan, the terrible

In addition to the motorized devices with wheels, the permanent exhibits are also included in the Brazzeltag. John T. Essberger, a 44m class rescue cruiser, starts its engines every few hours. The signal horn announces this huge spectacle - and if you stand within a radius of 100 m, you can hear it up close. The 3 diesel engines have a combined output of 7,200 HP - and probably emit more fine dust when starting than 3,000 modern Euro 6 trucks.

Iwan, a tractor puller with turbine drive, has almost the same output. Because the builders didn't have a single turbine - they installed 3 Isotov TV3s, which together deliver around 6,000 hp at 15,000 rpm and 6.5 bar boost pressure. When the 3 turbines are running, the trees around them tremble - and these are not slender poplars, but oaks with trunk thicknesses of more than one meter.

Participate and be amazed

The nice thing about Brazzeltag: Visitors are allowed, can and should participate. You can take a lap on a Lanz Bulldog, get into one of the jeeps and experience maneuvers and positions on the off-road vehicle course that make you wonder how this is physically possible. Or drive over the wooden seesaw, where every visitor can compete. It's about spilling as little water as possible - while driving in the jeep over a wooden seesaw. 10 liters slosh back and forth more or less in the box that is attached to the bonnet. You shouldn't spill more than 3 liters.

With all the written words: The fascination of Brazzeltag should be more than just pureConnect progress from A to B, have experienced it at least once. See you next year!


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