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Brand image: Toyota, VW and BMW are the eco brands

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The Wolfsburg were able to defend their second place from the previous year with 33 percent, but lost slightly by two percentage points and are only slightly ahead of BMW. Thanks to Efficient Dynamics, Bayern achieved 32 percentage points, also two points less than in 2011. That is the result of the reader survey 'Best Cars 2012' among more than 116,000 a uto motor und sport readers.

Opel with strong growth

Behind the top trio, Audi and Mercedes still have good values. 23 percent of Audi drivers attest to the attribute of building environmentally friendly cars (-2 percent), Mercedes comes to 22 percent (-1 percent). When it comes to the environment, the car manufacturer Opel has made significant improvements. The brand recorded the strongest growth and improved from six to 15 percent thanks to the new Opel Ampera.


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