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Brabus V-Class: family car made even more classy

Brabus V-Klasse
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D he Mercedes V-Class is made for large families with one slightly plumper wallet. So that the head of the family can also enjoy driving, Mercedes equips the classy van with powerful diesel engines. The strongest in the series: the V 250 Bluetec with 190 hp and 440 Nm torque.

Brabus V-Class runs 210 km /h

The Bottrop-based tuning company breathes another 45 into the MPV PS and 70 Nm. As a result, a total of 235 PS and 510 Nm fall over the V 250.

According to Brabus, the increased potency lets the Mercedes V 250 get into the pots faster. The noble van should roar at country road speed in 8.8 seconds - and thus pour three-tenths of the rate for the factory model. The tuned van wins the top-speed duel with 210 to 206 km /h. Brabus wants to achieve better driving dynamics with special sport springs. This trims the V-Class 15 to 25 millimeters lower, depending on the model. Despite the improved values, the average consumption of six liters (Mercedes specification) should be kept.

Brabus gives the V-Class a more robust appearance with attachments for the side air inlets, in which LED position lights are integrated, and a front spoiler. A sports exhaust system with four tailpipes proliferates in the new rear apron. Brabus designed the middle part in a diffuser look. Either 18-inch or 19-inch light alloy wheels turn in the wheel arches of the Brabus V-Class. For better grip, the tuner covers the rims with high-performance tires from Continental, Pirelli or Yokohama.

LCD screens for entertainment

Brabus transforms the interior into an entertainment room. In return, the refiner has given the V-Class two LCD screens with a size of 15.6 inches each. The Brabus V-Class transmits Apple TV, digital radio programs or films via the Blue-Ray player on the monitors. In addition, Brabus guarantees passengers permanent access to the Internet through a WLAN router. Brabus upgrades the C-pillars with two touchpads, which can be used to control curtains, sliding doors, monitors, heated seats and reading lamps. Carbon. Additional tuning elements: Brabus door sills, aluminum attachments for the pedals and special onesBrabus door lock pins.


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