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Brabus PowerXtra B50 Hybrid: Performance boost for the Mercedes S 500

Brabus PowerXtra B50 Hybrid
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Brabus can be brutal - last seen on Mercedes S63 AMG Coupé , which the Bottropers raised to 850 HP and, hold on, 1,450 Nm. Or at B rabus Rocket 900 , which spits 900 HP out of twelve cylinders and could hit the drive shafts with 1,500 Nm - as far as one would let him. To be on the safe side, Brabus limits the maximum torque to 1,200 Nm. This also applies to the S63 (1,150 instead of 1,450 Nm.)

In less than 5 seconds to 100 km /h3

The tuning specialist underpins that Brabus can also be discreet with its latest work: a refined Mercedes S 500 plug-in hybrid. In order to be able to increase the output of the three-liter V6, Brabus tinkered with the maps for injection and ignition and increased the boost pressure a little. The result: 52 HP and 70 Nm more power. Makes a total of 385 hp and 550 Nm of torque.

Spared from tuning, the electric motor, which delivers 85 kW or 115 hp ex works. The maximum system output for the Brabus B50 Hybrid is therefore 500 hp and 890 Nm torque. Equipped in this way, the luxury liner should sprint to 100 km /h in 4.9 seconds and unbutton 0.3 seconds from the production model. The maximum speed remains regulated to 250 things. Brabus has lowered the vehicle by around 1.5 centimeters so that the sedan can not only drive straight ahead quickly, but also cuts a fine figure in corners.

New aero package for the S 500 plug-in hybrid

As is the case in most cases, an increase in performance also entails optical corrections. Brabus is giving the S 500 plug-in hybrid a new front apron with larger air intakes. They should enrich turbo gasoline engines, radiators and brakes with sufficient fresh air. The new part also has a spoiler lip, which, according to Brabus, reduces lift on the front axle.

In the rear, the tuner has installed a new apron with an integrated diffuser and a small lip on the trunk lid - optionally in carbon. The buttocks are also decorated with a four-pipe sports exhaust systemStainless steel.

Brabus also adorns the front fenders with design elements made of carbon fiber and illuminates the underside of the side skirts with LED technology, provided the driver operates the remote control or opens the door.

In the interior, Brabus door sills and a mix of fine wood, real carbon, leather and Alcantara await him. The S 500 can also be equipped with a multimedia system from Brabus.


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