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Brabus Mercedes Sprinter Conference Lounge: Mobile luxury office

Brabus Mercedes Sprinter Conference Lounge
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W while a banal Mercedes Sprinter grapples with euro pallets must, the Brabus Conference Lounge can accompany up to 8 hard-working managers to the next appointment. In addition, the Conference Lounge based on the Mercedes Sprinter 319 CDI offers everything that makes traveling and working more pleasant. Only this time there was no screwing on the drive side. It remains with the three-liter turbo diesel with 190 hp with seven-speed automatic.

Leather and multimedia

In the business area of ​​the Sprinter, however, all the stops have been pulled. All seats in the passenger compartment are covered with quilted leather, with armrests and heated seats. The seats in the 3rd row also have 6 USB ports. The seats in the first and second rows are arranged opposite one another. A movable folding table is inserted on the left. Of course, the floor was sealed with high quality velor. Various adjustable ambient lighting elements and an additional air conditioning system ensure the right working atmosphere. Work makes you thirsty - no problem. A refrigerator is hidden in the rear, sliding center console. And if a relaxation phase is inserted, the passengers can access a multimedia system with 2 televisions, mounted on the upper partition, a BluRay player, an internet router and a media player. All components can be remotely controlled via tablet.

Brabus Sprinter from around 225,000 euros

The Brabus Sprinter can also appear a little extravagant on the outside. The front is upgraded with a new apron, the Brabus grill bears a Brabus emblem and 18-inch alloy wheels turn under the flared wheel arches. There are also numerous Brabus logios and of course a complete black paintwork.

Interested in the Brabus Conference Lounge? It is available from 224,910 euros. A proper office should be worth that much to a businessman.


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