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Brabus Mercedes-Maybach: 900 hp for the luxury liner

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
Brabus Mercedes-Maybach
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Brabus Mercedes-Maybach achieves 1,500 Nm

D ank of the displacement expansion from 6.0 to 6.3 liters, a special crankshaft milled from solid with a longer stroke and forged pistons with a larger diameter, the Brabus-Maybach has 900 instead of the well-known 530 hp. The maximum torque increases to 1,500 Nm. The four-seater should spurt from 0 to 100 km /h in 3.7 seconds and run over 350 km /h.

To bring the performance to the road and to give the Maybach a sportier note lend, Brabus has installed 21-inch alloy wheels that are covered with tires of size 255/35 ZR 21 at the front and 295/30 ZR 21 at the rear. In addition, the Magic Body Control chassis has been lowered by 25 millimeters.

Sound management at the push of a button

Even when it comes to things Brabus upgrades the Mercedes-Maybach with aprons. It should give the model a more aggressive look and improved aerodynamics. A new rear apron with an integrated diffuser is also used at the rear. The four chrome-plated tailpipes peek out of it. The stainless steel exhaust system offers the driver active sound management at the push of a button thanks to the flap control. He can inconspicuously let the neighborhood sleep in the 'Coming Home' mode or call them to wake up in the sport position with a powerful engine sound.

The Brabus upholsterer was also allowed to let off steam at the Mercedes-Maybach. Various types of leather and Alcantara are available in any desired color, depending on your taste. The range of fine wood or carbon inlays is also extensive. By the way, the driver looks at a Brabus speedometer, which shows up to 400 km /h. The Brabus 'iBusiness' concept is also used for the frequent drivers among the frequent workers.

Of course, Brabus also offers a performance upgrade for the Mercedes-Maybach S500. The 4.7 liter V8 biturbo delivers 85 hp and 120 Nm more after installing the performance kit.


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