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Brabus founder and CEO Bodo Buschmann has passed away

Bodo Buschmann
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B uschmann founded in the autumn of 1977, at a high point in tuning, Brabus GmbH in Bottrop, the largest manufacturer-independent automotive refiner in the world. During all these years, the 63-year-old entrepreneur Bodo Buschmann had a keen sense for successful ideas and products. He gave full throttle in his company. So he made Brabus a global player in the auto industry. Exclusive supercars like the more than 370 km /h fast Brabus 900 Rocket not only wrote automotive history, but also made it into the Guinness Book of Records several times.

Bodo Buschmann did not have his ideas and his immensely high quality standards only made his own company one of the most renowned brands in the automotive industry: even as president of VDAT eV, the association of automobile tuners he co-founded, the Brabus boss played an immense role in making vehicle refinement acceptable worldwide.

Bodo Buschmann had already managed to turn his hobby into a profession at the age of 22 and always remained true to his motto: “Don't work to earn money, but to have fun!” or in his words to say 'Never work for money - work for passion!'

His son Constantin Buschmann, who was previously responsible for marketing and sales at Brabus, will take over all the tasks of his father i n the Brabus group of companies.


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