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Brabus C 63 S 650 Green Hell: Hellish green T-model

Brabus C 63 S 650 Green Hell
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' No, the model is not officially called Green Hell ', says Brabus press spokesman Sven Gramm and laughs. “I only added that to the relevant Facebook post to give the thing the right drive.” So be it, as Green Hell, the fast station wagon still makes the rounds on the web.

With 650 hp over 320 km /h

Basically, the 'Green Hell' is a Mercedes C 63 S T-model that was treated with the Brabus PowerXtra B40S - 650 performance update. This increases the output of the V8 biturbo to 650 hp, and the maximum torque climbs to 820 Nm. When it comes to driving performance, the key data are 3.8 seconds as the sprint time and 320 km /h as the top speed.

In addition, the hellish green station wagon carries the Brabus carbon fiber body kit with new aprons, spoilers and new rear diffuser. In the wheel arches, there are 20-inch wheels painted black with 255/30 and 275/30 tires.

The bright green paintwork with three black vertical stripes over the bonnet, roof and tailgate is based on customer requirements. There are also various add-on parts painted in high-gloss black.

It is uncertain whether the “Green Hell” will really ever visit the Green Hell. On the other hand, he certainly deserves the attention - no matter where he appears.


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