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Brabus 800: This is how a Mercedes S-Class drives with 800 PS

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D he town of Bottrop on the edge of the Ruhr area has transformed itself into an adrenaline mecca for some over the past few years. Whether the Movie Park with its roller coasters and the freefall tower or the longest indoor ski hall in the world at 640 meters - speed junkies get their money's worth here. But there is another adrenaline forge in Bottrop, where vehicles leave the factory that could master these 640 meters in under eight seconds. We're talking about Brabus, of course.

Marcel Sommer

Marcel Sommer

Marcel Sommer

Top secret!

Friends of silent sports equipment in car dress will very likely get their money's worth in the near future. Because Brabus is currently developing a new control unit for the electric smart. auto motor und sport was allowed to drive a few meters with the technology demonstrator and came to the conclusion: the wait is worth it! Price

The Brabus 800 based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic + is one of the latest conversions from Bottrop and is available for 286,521 euros. Which does not mean that this final price actually has to end. Because if you want it even more individual, you will get that too.


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