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Brabus 800 Roadster in Geneva: Mercedes SL limited to 350 km / h

Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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D he Mercedes SL 65 AMG is already extremely potent ex works. Those who want even more performance will be served by the Bottrop-based tuner Brabus at the Geneva Motor Show. There the Brabus 800 Roadster based on the fast Swabian celebrates its world premiere.

Brabus 800 Roadster is braked at 350 km /h

The six-liter V12 biturbo engine of the Mercedes At Brabus, SL gets two new turbochargers, new manifolds, four new, water-cooled intercoolers and a special high-performance exhaust system with valve control and a newly tuned engine control. This should increase the output of the twelve-cylinder to 800 hp and the maximum torque to 1,420 Nm. In order not to overwhelm the seven-speed sports automatic, the maximum torque in the car is limited to 1,100 Nm.

New side skirts, front fenders with gills and a scoop on the bonnet complete the new look.

Quilted leather for the trunk

All components are made of carbon fiber laminate and can be supplied in a matt, glossy or body color.

In addition, Brabus fills the wheel arches with one-piece 20-inch alloy wheels that are fitted with 255/30 tires at the front and 305/25 tires at the rear. A special control module lowers the ABC chassis by 25 millimeters, and a limited-slip differential on the rear axle increases the traction reserves if required.

The financial reserves alone determine the conversion work in the interior. Door sills, special instruments, carbon and precious wood equipment - everything is possible. The saddlery offers are particularly extensive and, as in the show car for the Geneva Motor Show, culminate in a waffle pattern that is quilted to the millimeter, even for the trunk


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