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Bosch / Daimler Valet Parking Project: Parking garage via app

Bosch /Daimler Valet Parking Project
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M ith the new project, the partners want to revolutionize the parking process . It is not the customer who parks and searches for his car; the vehicle drives to a free parking space on its own and at the end comes up again comfortably on its own. Autonomous parking is made possible with the help of an intelligent parking garage infrastructure and a vehicle control unit from Bosch in conjunction with the latest generation of on-board sensors from Mercedes. This will enable vehicles to maneuver independently in suitably equipped parking garages in the near future.

e__article - beta '> Car2go is a project partner

The project is to be implemented with the car sharing platform Car2go Booked a vehicle via Car2go. As soon as the user is ready in the pick-up zone of the parking garage, the car drives up independently. The return takes place in the same way. The customer drops the vehicle in the drop zone of the parking garage and gives it via smartphone Vehicle back again. Detected by the intelligent parking garage system, the car is started and led to an assigned parking space.

In the project, Bosch is developing the necessary infrastructure for the parking garage, including parking space occupancy sensors, cameras and communication technology Bosch is also responsible for the communication unit in the vehicle, which also controls the parking process, and defines the interface to the be standing vehicle components. Daimler adapts the sensors and software in the car2go vehicles.


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