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Borgward BX6: Delivery as a series car in 2018

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B orgward, Chinese automaker based in Germany, is presenting the BX6 presents another SUV. The BX6, in the style of an SUV coupé, should be delivered as early as 2018. The Chinese are first looking at the markets in Latin America and the Middle East. Borgward was not represented at the Auto China trade fair in Beijing, which recently ended.

Under the hood of the nicely designed SUV, a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder with 224 hp and a maximum torque of 300 Newton meters. A six-speed automatic takes care of the power distribution.

In Geneva 2016 not directly at the fair

At the fair grounds in Geneva, Borgward did not present anything in 2016 - after the presentation in a hangar on At Geneva Airport, the models went back to China.

Gregor Hebermehl
Borgward is expanding its range of models.

Borgward with its own design

Both with the BX5 and the BX6 TS the proportions are right, the lines retain their tension and the short overhangs are pleasing. The design is made in Germany, by the way, in Renningen near Leonberg, as Design Director Roland Sternmann explains to us. Sternmann is an experienced designer, he has already worked on the Porsche 924 GT and the Porsche 944, among other things.

Borgward has managed to generate a fresh design DNA that runs through all models - the coherent ones Proportions and crisp rear shoulders are part of it. Nevertheless, the BX5 and BX6 TS differ significantly. The BX6 TS has a slightly angular hatchback, no roof rails and a rear apron with a distinctive diffuser look. Its grill with its many small diamonds sparkles in the spotlight. The BX5 comes as a relaxed SUV, with practical roof rails, aThe grill has a slightly forward curve and a diffuser look that is not quite as aggressive at the rear.

The technical development work is also in German hands: Chief engineer Pilipp Schmitt worked for Daimler for 15 years. Now he is making sure that the Borgward models get modern drives. Both the BX5 and the BX6 TS will be available with a gasoline engine, as a plug-in hybrid and as a purely electric vehicle. A diesel drive is not provided. The BX7, for example, gets a two-liter turbo gasoline engine with 190 or 224 hp. In the BX5 and BX6 TS (TS stands for Touring Sport), the power is passed on to all four wheels, there will also be variants with front or rear-wheel drive.

German customers will have to wait a while for Borgward models : Production will start in April 2016, but initially only for the Chinese market.


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