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Boot Düsseldorf trade fair: Abt Sportsline now also refines boats

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A We know bt Sportsline as a house-and-yard tuner for the models of the VW group and protagonists in national and international motorsport. Now the Allgäu dare to venture out onto the water for the first time. At the 'Boot' trade fair currently taking place in Düsseldorf, together with the SACS shipyard from Italy, they are presenting the first speedboat that bears their name: the Strider 11 Abt Sport Master Limited Edition.

More power than the strongest Abt -Model for the street

Why all this? Well, company boss Hans-Jürgen Abt cites the strong interest of many of his customers in yachts and boats as the reason. In addition, he has long dreamed of refining a water vehicle and a road vehicle. The SACS shipyard is also located in Roncello, which is only a few minutes away from the Italian motorsport Mecca Monza. So a collaboration was more than logical.

The Strider 11 is a rigid inflatable boat (technical term: RiB) with a shallow draft that offers space for up to 14 passengers and two beds. It is eleven meters long, weighs 4.5 tons and has a top speed of 51 knots, which is the equivalent of 94.5 km /h. Responsible for this are two Mercury V8 diesel engines that together produce 740 hp; so the boat is already more powerful than the current Abt top model, the RS6 + with 705 hp. Abt wants to further increase the gap and bring the Strider up to 800 hp by increasing the power. Exhaust sound control for a more emotional sound is already available.

417,450 euros expensive, limited to ten copies

Abt Sportsline has also contributed to the design. The carbon black hoses reveal the tuner's signature as well as the hull and deck in matt black. There is also an optics kit that contains numerous elements made from real carbon fiber composite material. In addition to the engine compartment, Abt has also redesigned the passenger seats and the steering position - primarily in the corporate colors red and black as well as with ebony and of course with plenty of carbon.

The Strider 11 Abt Sport Master Limited Edition costs 417,450 euros, whereby 397,300 on the boat and the rest on the Abt elements. Interested parties shouldn't take too much time to make a purchase decision: The boat that SACS builds is limited to just ten copies.


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