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Bonus payments from car manufacturers in 2022: record bonuses

The car manufacturers are paying profit-sharing again for 2022, sometimes at record levels. At Mercedes, the bonus is up to 7,300 euros, GM pays up to around 11,600 euros. Ferrari even pays out 13,500 euros. Opel workers get at least 2,000 euros, US Stellantis colleagues significantly more.

The luxury strategy of the car manufacturer Mercedes is also paying off for the employees. You will receive a record profit-sharing bonus for the successful 2022 financial year.

Record participation at Mercedes

As Mercedes announced on Friday (January 20, 2023), employees for special achievements in 2022 will be paid a record profit-sharing bonus of up to 7,300 euros. The bonus decided jointly by company management and the general works council is even higher than the previous cap of 6,465 euros for a maximum amount. Around 93,000 employees are eligible. The profit-sharing will be paid out with the April 2023 salary.

Management and the general works council have also agreed on a realignment of the calculation for profit-sharing from the 2023 financial year. In the collective bargaining area, the calculation logic will be standardized with the existing system for executives. In the future, participation in the company's success will therefore be geared even more closely to the company's target achievement and the consistent implementation of the sustainable corporate strategy for all groups of employees.

At Mercedes-Benz there has been a profit-sharing scheme for wage-earning employees since 1997. Eligible employees received a bonus of EUR 6,000 for the 2021 financial year.

The Daimler Truck division, which has since been split off, also pays a big bonus to its employees. The approximately 25,000 employees in Germany who are entitled to claim will receive a profit share of 6,300 euros and a one-off recognition bonus of 1,000 euros for the successful year 2022. The payment of a total of 7,300 euros will be made with the payroll in April 2023.

Up to 9,000 euros for BMW employees

Competitor BMW in Munich also achieved record results in 2022 and the employees at Bayern also benefit proportionately from this. The bonus is calculated from the individual base value and the factor 1.8. This means that up to 9,000 euros will be paid out to the employees. In addition, there are 1,200 euros as a dividend component for the company pension scheme.

GM pays record bonus

GM made a profit of around 13 billion dollars with its North American business in 2022 and its employees share in the company's success with bonus payments of up to 12,750 dollars - the equivalent of around 11,625 euros. The bonus payment is based directly on an agreement with the unions that provides for a $1,000 profit-sharing bonus for every billion in profits. With 12At $750, this bonus is higher than ever. Around 40,000 employees qualify for the payment.

Record bonus at Ferrari

Record results for the year 2022 at the sports car manufacturer Ferrari are also worthwhile for those who build these dream cars. When the annual results were announced, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna announced that the Ferrari works would be rewarded for their success with a bonus of 13,500 euros. Around 5,000 employees of the sports car manufacturer are entitled to subscribe. The bonus is 12.5 percent higher than the previous year's payment and marks a new record for the Reds.

Bonus also for Opel workers, US colleagues get more

The Stellantis Group also reports record results and announces corresponding bonus payments for its employees. In total, the carmaker will pay out two billion euros in variable remuneration and profit-sharing for 2022 - 200 million euros more than in the previous year. However, a distribution key across all group brands is not mentioned. However, the dpa reports that the approximately 13,000 employees of Opel parent company Stellantis in Germany receive an annual bonus of 2,000 euros. This is the fourth payment in a row for the Opel workers and the highest amount for a calendar year. US Stellantis employees (Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, Jeep) will receive a significantly higher bonus in March. At least the 40,000 or so who are organized in the American autoworkers' union UAW. Up to 14,760 dollars (equivalent to around 13,900 euros) are paid out here per capita. A record value that is higher than the $8,010 from the previous year and all payments from the last 35 years.

Three bonuses at VW

At Volkswagen, too, the 125,000 tariff employees are again receiving a success bonus. The total for 2022 is 3,630 euros. EUR 1,730 of this was paid out in November 2022. Another 1,900 euros will follow with the May salary. There was also an additional special payment of 2,000 euros in January for the IPO of Porsche AG, followed in February by the net inflation compensation premium of 2,000 euros.

Big Audi bonus

At the sister company Audi, the profit-sharing for employees in Germany is even higher. As Audi announced in the consolidated balance sheet, up to 8,150 euros will be paid out as a bonus for 2022.

Porsche with a double bonus

Porsche is once again giving its employees a share in the record result for 2022 with a success bonus. The bonus amounts to up to 9,050 euros. Around 27,000 Porsche workers are entitled to claim. In addition, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer had already paid out a bonus of 3,000 euros in September 2022 for the successful IPO of Porsche.


Even if the car industry is complaining about difficult business across the board, the results seem to be right in the end. New record results and wins are being reported everywhere. Accordingly, the employees can look forward to success bonuses, which also reach record values ​​across the board.


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