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Bol.com Winkelwagen: Electric car made from household goods

Bol.com Winkelwagen
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D he Bol range includes over 15 million items, none of which come from the automotive sector. Nevertheless, the Dutch managed to select 223 of them and use them to build a mobile electric car. The online retailer is celebrating its 18th birthday with the e-car package.

Of course, the Bol-Mobil, which for the sake of simplicity was dubbed 'Winkelwagen' (translated: shopping cart), is not a real electric car, more of a two-seater toy vehicle for two, quite adult, passengers. The parts list for the 'Winkelwagen' includes a wide variety of items from everyday life. A cot is used as the chassis, the bonnet is actually a wheelbarrow tub. The pedals are made up of spatulas. Make-up mirrors look back and the radiator grille was actually a grill grate in its first life. The passengers sit on office chairs, a dog leash acts as a seat belt, but disco lamps, dumbbells, exercise mats, a toilet brush, massage rollers, a pedal bin, a hard case, a massage bench and various other items are also installed.

The drive takes over the 'Winkelwagen' from an electrically operated scooter for seniors. Who all positions from the Order list in the shopping cart comes to a total of around 7,500 euros. The Winkelwagen weighs 322 kg, has a range of 35 km, is 2.72 meters long and 1.47 meters wide. Mileage is not known.


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