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BMW Z4 Zagato Roadster: New revelation for Pebble Beach

BMW Z4 Zagato Roadster
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According to BMW, the Milan-Munich project should have been implemented in just six weeks after the positive response to the coupé. The result is the BMW Z4 Zagato Roadster in Pebble Beach, which is of course optically based on the coupé.

D he front should be the 'connecting element' of the two models, says BMW. In other words, the front is the same on the Coupé and the Roadster. Double headlights, BMW kidney grille with side-by-side Z (for Zagato).

BMW Zagato Roadster with double-bubble rear

The elongated bonnet is strongly contoured and ends in a tinted windshield black frame. What follows is called a roadster. Although it is not enough to separate the roof of a coupé in order to design a roadster, according to BMW, the double-bubble roof typical of Zagato had to give way. Instead, a roll bar rises up there, the design of which is reminiscent of a wing, stretches forwards and gives the Zagato Roadster a certain dynamic.

Only the cover of the convertible top shows up with the familiar double bubble -Element. The cover picks up the lines from the bonnet and leads the view to the rear. This is processed almost seamlessly and looks like it is made of one piece. Wide and flat, the end lets the rear-wheel drive Zagato stand on the road. In addition, a flat, black ribbon of glass as rear lights underlines the filigree rear. Further below, the widely spaced tailpipes and the dark diffuser visually expand the study.

Interior with brown leather railing

The BMW Zagato Roadster owes its sturdy stance to the 19-inch light alloy wheels with wide tires. The rims in the classic five-spoke design are intended to be reminiscent of propellers and are an allusion to the roots of both brands. In contrast to the red painted Zagato Coupé, the Roadster appears bathed in a brilliant gray that changes between dark and light depending on the incidence of light.

Zagato has provided a black interior for the interior. Brown leather creates the transition to the interior and surrounds the passengers like a railing. The brown is quoted in various elements and partially enhanced with contrasting stitching. It goes without saying that the “Z” logo on the seats should not be missing.

BMW Zagato Roadster comes on400 PS

As with the Coupé, the BMW Z4 Zagato Roadster is likely to be powered by the in-line six-cylinder engine known from the BMW Z4 35is. But instead of the standard 340 hp, a dual clutch transmission shovels a full 400 hp onto the rear wheels in the study.

Further information on the auctions and events of the Pebble Beach Auto Week (13th to 18th August 2013) is available at our colleagues from Motor Klassik.


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