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BMW X6 vs. Mercedes GLE Coupé: Which SUV Coupé is Better?

BMW, Mercedes, Patrick Lang
BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupé in comparison
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'Unmistakable silhouette.' This is how the people at BMW describe the X6. That's not true. At least not since the GLE Coupé from Mercedes. They look almost the same. Checked item one. Design aspects are difficult to discuss objectively anyway. The BMW has the sportier line, the Mercedes the nicer rear. You can see differently, but you don't have to. We consider the respective basic gasoline engines BMW X6 xDrive35i and Mercedes G LE 400 4Matic Coupé . They not only play in the same league externally, but also based on data. If you just want a car with a good weight, a high center of gravity and reduced lateral dynamics, you can choose blindly. There aren't many differences. In terms of image, they both want to go big, but the BMW as the father of the genre can be given a small advantage. Provided that being an SUV coupé counts as an image advantage.

Mercedes GLE Coupé is sportier

If sportiness plays a role in this type of vehicle, then the Mercedes will follow suit . With its 333 hp it offers 27 more horses than the Munich competition. Although 80 additional kilos have to be moved, the 2.18-ton Benz manages the sprint from 0 - 100 km /h in 5.9 seconds, while the BMW is left behind with 6.4 seconds. This could also be due to the fact that the straight six in the X6 is ventilated by a turbo and the 3-liter V6 in the GLE Coupé by a biturbo. In addition, the GLE runs at the upper limit of 247 km /h seven kilometers per hour faster. In both cases, however, the consumption is also noticeable by exploring the maximum speed. Beyond 200 km /h, the petrol engines also allow themselves beyond 30 liters per 100 km. The combined thirst is indicated by BMW and Mercedes with 8.5 and 8.9 liters. A tender foot on the gas should then be required.

As far as environmental friendliness is concerned, it will come as no surprise to hear that there are also more sensible cars on the market. The CO2 emissions are 207 in the GLE Coupé and 200 g /km in the X6. According to the values ​​on paper, both are in efficiency class C. The nine-speed automatic transmission in the Mercedes is responsible for efficient shifting. The Bavarian SUV coupe is with oneGear less satisfied, but works a bit more easily than the GLE Coupé.

The BMW X6 is a bit more expensive

The base price of the X6 xDrive35i is 66,400 euros. For the GLE 400 4Matic Coupé, 67,235 euros are due. So you would get a little cheaper with the BMW. But let's be honest: Anyone who decides on such a car is guaranteed not to leaf through the list of options yawning. If both cars are properly equipped, the financial tide will turn. We are booking the following for the X6: Adaptive suspension package Professional for 5,100 euros so that it does not turn into a curve swing. The Connected Drive navigation package for 3,400 euros, because nothing works today without navigation. Park Distance Control (PDC) for 340 euros so that you don't run over Smarts or Ford KAs with this massive sled. And finally the BMW Head-Up Display for 1,390 euros, because in this class you want to treat yourself to a piece of technology. The X6 is then at 76,630 euros.

We are booking the comparable equipment for the Daimler. The parking aid with Parktronic and all-round visibility (642 euros), the Airmatic air suspension (2,035 euros), the Comand Online navigation system (3,510 euros) and, as a treat, lighting for the running boards and the Mercedes star (a total of 1,207 euros). Configured in this way, the GLE Coupé is priced at 76,285 euros, just below the BMW. Granted, it doesn't matter much. As I said, they are very similar to vehicles.

And the size is decisive

The consideration of the Dimensions underlines this statement. Both are about 4.9 meters long, 1.7 meters high and just over 2.1 meters wide (with exterior mirrors). There are two areas in the GLE Coupé that offer more space. That would be the trunk with 650 liters volume behind an annoyingly high loading sill (BMW 550 liters) and then the tank with 93 liters capacity (BMW 85 liters). Otherwise, the driver and passengers have a comparably large amount of space to freely develop. The interior height from the seat is 1,013 mm at the front in the X6 and 1,020 mm in the GLE Coupé. At the rear it is 961 and 959 mm. Also, width and legroom do not give each other much.

'Typically Mercedes, excitingly different.' This is how the people at Mercedes describe the GLE Coupé. Not true either. At least if you put the X6 and GLE Coupé next to each other. In the end, these two SUV coupés have so much in common that ultimately the brand sympathy has to decide. However, there is also a third option: Instead of deciding between the X6 and GLE Coupé, it is better to make a decision on the fundamental question of SUV or Coupé and choose a completely different car.


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