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BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC - GLK successors in comparison

Joachim Schahl
BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC in comparison
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G LA, GLE, GL ... Wait a minute, someone is missing. True to the Mercedes nomenclature, a GLC belongs in between. And that's exactly what is coming - the successor to the previous GLK can be ordered immediately. Technically, it is based on the C-Class and competes with the BMW X3, which we brought to the photo studio for a first comparison.

Do the two go together? And if that is clear from a first glance. Anyone who sees the Mercedes GLC next to the X3 for the first time assesses the proportions as almost the same. And indeed: the Mercedes is one millimeter shorter, nine millimeters wider and lower and offers a wheelbase that is around 60 millimeters shorter. Precision landing also with the trunk volume: Both hold between 550 and 1,600 liters.

But are they also similar in character? After all, the angular predecessor, the GLK, is a kind of small G-model, with its robust exterior leaving no doubt that a forest path is far from being the end of the field. At least the Mercedes GLC will fit perfectly into the Central European streetscape. It turned out to be much more pleasing, reminded less of an off-road vehicle than of a raised station wagon.

Behind this is a calculation: Those who want to be successful against a BMW X3 must obviously not cultivate a distinctive and daring image, but have to look outward Demonstrate dynamism. It only appears that SUV drivers want a practical all-rounder - after all, a station wagon would be more suitable. No, the reason for the purchase decision is usually the appearance and associated associations: station wagons are ugly today, SUV on the other hand good. Incidentally, this applies not only to Germany, but also to China, which is likely to be the largest market for the newcomer.

Mercedes GLC with optional air suspension

And so the GLK can be prettied up, what that Stuff lasts. As standard, it adopts the basic luxurious atmosphere from the C-Class; only the dashboard towers higher. The test car, the hybrid version GLC 350 e 4Matic, which only came onto the market in December, rolls into the photo studio in the trim of Edition One, including the design interior and AMG exterior. Open-pored wood here, diamond quilted leather there, metallic sheen all around - this is how it can be endured. Mercedes GLC is more than just on par with BMW. As expected, par: the space available.In the front you lodge feudal anyway. But you can also sit comfortably in the rear seat; the legroom appears similar in both.

Speaking of comfort: Blessed with the chassis of the C-Class, the Mercedes GLC should hardly be left to be desired. Adaptive shock absorbers are already standard and a high level of travel comfort can be expected. Air suspension with a practical lowering of the loading sill by 40 millimeters is optionally available - something like that is not in the price list of the BMW X3

Offroad- Package with five set-ups

When it comes to agility, the X3's lead is likely to shrink. After all, with the current C-Class, in theory, higher cornering speeds can be achieved than are actually driven in practice. The same will apply to the Mercedes GLC, despite the slightly higher weight and less favorable center of gravity; after all, he lost about 80 kilograms compared to the GLK. Thanks to adaptive shock absorbers, good travel comfort can also be expected - by the way, much more important in everyday life.

And off the road? The Mercedes GLC is likely to march on even if the X3 has long been stuck - at least if the Mercedes is equipped with the off-road package. Then the air suspension can raise the body by 50 millimeters, which promises more clearance. Five programs called smoothness, off-road, incline, rocking free and trailer are intended to ensure the best possible traction in standard situations, similar to the previous M-Class. Incidentally, all-wheel drive with a basic distribution of 45 to 55 percent is standard.

Mercedes also goes into the full with the assistance systems, offering almost everything that is known from the C-Class, such as the so-called Pre-Safe -Brake that not only recognizes pedestrians, but also an impending rear-end collision. The Distronic Plus with steering assistant as well as stop-and-go function and a traffic sign assistant, which also warns of no overtaking or entry restrictions, does not (yet) exist in this form on the X3.

What the BMW does However, Mercedes is ahead of the game in the variety of engines from the 184 hp entry-level version up to the 313 hp X3 35d. At least for the market launch (from September at dealers), Mercedes is baking smaller rolls: two diesel versions, the 220 d with 170 and the 250 d with 204 hp and a gasoline engine with 211 hp (GLC 250 4Matic) must first satisfy the interest of potential customers . In December, the Mercedes GLC 350 e 4Matic will follow as a plug-in hybrid with a system output of 211 hp plus 85 kW.

But that will not end there for a long time; most of the units from the C-Class are likely to follow - including the double-charged V8. Correct: For the first time, an AMG version of the Mercedes GLC is in the starting blocks, as auto motor und sport learned from company circles. Also there she hasM GmbH has nothing to offer from BMW yet.


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