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BMW X2 (2018): test, market launch, price

BMW X2 (2018)
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M with the X6 and later As well as the X4, BMW has successfully placed the SUV coupe on the market. So successful that many other manufacturers have now also entered this niche. But BMW itself is also doing more. At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, BMW presented the Concept X2, the production model of the small SUV is in Detroit. The X2 can be ordered from November and will be available to dealers and customers in March 2018. The X2 is to expand the SUV coupé line at BMW downwards.

New compact SUV coupé

BMW announces the X2 as the 'premiere of a new genre'. That is slightly exaggerated, as the Nissan Juke and Range Rover Evoque already fulfill the desire for an SUV coupé. Unlike the Range Rover the Evoque, BMW does not offer the X2 with two doors. The compact SUV from Bavaria has four doors and otherwise uses the recipe for success of the X6 and X4: flatter roof line, beefy appearance, including the technology of a well-known model. The BMW X2 is built like the new X1 and the Mini Countryman on the UKL2 platform with transversely installed engines and primarily front-wheel drive architecture. Compared to the X1, the body is 8 cm shorter and 9 cm lower. This means that the new X2 is almost 2 cm thinner than the old X1 E 89. If you will, the increase in height when changing models has created space for a flatter coupé version.

The BMW logo can also be seen on the C-pillars.

But the X2 should not just be a flatter version of the X1, but different overall. The kidney is therefore wider at the bottom than at the top - BMW is doing this for the first time. This is not the first time that BMW has placed the logo in the sheet metal of the C-pillars; that was the case with 2000 CS and 3.0 CSI. The logo of the new SUV coupé can be seen four times on the car: once on each side. The double round headlights are narrower on the inside than on the outside, so the view of the car appears more concentrated. LED headlights for low and high beam cost extra.

Because the wheelbase is the same as on the X1, but the body is more compact, the overhangs are shorter. Depending on the equipment line, the insert in the bumper is highlighted in gray, as are the side skirts and the rear bumper. The roof line is strongly drawn in, the windows are narrow. If you want, you can order a larger roof spoiler for the M-Sport variants.

Our choice in the configurator: BMW X2 20d xDrive M Sport X in alpine white.

Click 1: BMW X2 20d xDrive for 43,800 euros

Sporty driving? Of course we don't want to save on the engine and choose the powerful and economical two-liter diesel with all-wheel drive for 43,800 euros. The basic model would certainly be lively too, but the onetransversely installed four-cylinder petrol delivers its 192 hp to the front axle.

We want to have a powered rear axle at least at times and be economical on the way on fast stretches of the motorway, but diesel is still the first choice. It is also clean, meets the Euro 6d Temp emission standard. The double-charged 25d lured for 3,000 euros more. But even the golden mean in the engine program works well, accelerates from zero to 100 km /h in 7.7 seconds and runs at a top speed of 221 km /h.

Click 2: M Sport X for 6,400 euros

Because we are ticking the M Sport X equipment line, which costs 6,400 euros because of the beefy look, BMW is offering us the new color Galvanic Gold Metallic for 980 euros extra. We do without and humble ourselves with Alpinweiß Uni. It's free. Later we will select two more free extras. But until then we will add one or the other, more or less expensive, cross in the price list. Our goal is almost complete equipment. As a used vehicle, our X2 would be advertised something like this: full equipment without leather and metallic.

Click 3 and 4: fabric seats and unilack

Because first we do without again: fabric hexagon instead of leather Dakota. The vegetarian equipment of the M Sport X saves 1,390 euros. If you want to spend the money, you can also get the animal skin in magma red.

Click 5: entertainment package and business package

Various packages and extras increase the price massively: In the end, our X2 costs almost as much as an X5.

Two clicks later, our X2 has a few more functions and is 2,990 euros more expensive. The entertainment and business packages increase the play value, but this can be expanded considerably. Distance cruise control, head-up display and decent loudspeakers are now included, as is the large navigation system, which costs another 2,890 euros.

A few crosses later, there are also parking beepers in front and behind, and a camera checks when parking rear and the X2 can curve itself into gaps if we ask it to do so and use the accelerator and brake well. The X2 also keeps its distance and lane, which is very sensible.

Click 6: Telephone connection and live navigation

DieIntegration of the telephone in the car costs 400 euros, and those who want to charge their phone wirelessly pay 500 euros. With the Navigation Plus, the X2 finds its destination even better. The configurator points towards 60,000 euros.

Click 7: Sun canopy and seat adjustment

An electric seat adjustment is essential in a car that is so expensive: 950 euros including memory. The passenger still has to adjust his seat manually, which is no different with the X2. In return, the passengers now look through a panoramic sun roof: 1,250 euros. The ten liter larger fuel tank increases the range and costs 50 euros extra.

We take two extras simply because they cost nothing: the classic 'Model lettering Entfall' and the 'Entfall lettering outside'. Our alpine white X2 20d xDrive is now incognito. It now costs 62,110 euros. Leather and metallic would increase the price to almost 65,000 euros, with the large diesel the compact SUV would cost almost 70,000 euros. For the money there would also be an X5 30d.

Transverse joints, manhole covers and potholes hardly reach the spinal cord, also because of the optional 19-inch model.

We start with the BMW X2 XDrive20d Steptronic at one of the most famous landmarks of Lisbon, the medieval tower of Belém right at the mouth of the Tagus River Atlantic. The sunlight reflected from the surface of the water perfectly sets off the galvanic gold paint of the BMW X2. Finding the perfect seating position for a 1.74-meter-tall editor, on the other hand, is not that easy, as the airbag obscures the view of the on-board computer in the usual optimal position. First it goes over narrow, partly ailing streets out of town. Although the adjustable dampers are adjusted to 'Comfort', there is not much of the same to be felt. The X2 is tuned even harder than the BMW X1 because of the ten millimeters lower sports suspension. Therefore, the chassis design of the SUV coupé is more reminiscent of the Mini Countryman, with which it also shares the UKL2 platform. Cross joints, manhole covers and potholesIn any case, because of the optional 19-inch device, they hardly reach the spinal cord in a dampened manner.

Camera-based assistance systems regulate harshly

On Lisbon's city highway, there is a rush of rush hour traffic every morning, which is why things are hardly any faster here either. ideal conditions to try out the adaptive cruise control including lane keeping and traffic jam assistant. The camera-based assistants do not act as confidently here as the radar-based systems in larger BMW models. This is expressed in the sometimes exaggerated harsh braking interventions. The BMW X2 then loses contact with the vehicle in front due to the leisurely acceleration, so that the gap is gladly closed by other road users in the next lane.

We leave the Portuguese port metropolis behind us, the traffic clears. At motorway speed, in Portugal that means a maximum of 120 km /h, the two-liter diesel installed in the test car stays in the background with an unobtrusive sound. He only gains something in sport mode, but that's how it should be. The wind noise that is present is all the more disturbing. In the sport position, the BMW X2 reacts more spontaneously to gas commands, and the eight-speed automatic system encourages faster gear changes. However, she likes to allow herself a moment to remember before shifting gears smoothly.

X2 diesel without sporty character

With the 190 hp four-cylinder, the BMW X2 is appropriate, but not Exaggeratedly motorized, after all, the SUV coupé already weighs 1,675 kg when empty. According to BMW, it should accelerate to 100 km /h in 7.7 seconds, but subjectively the X2 as a 20d does not seem as lively as the numbers suggest. As is typical for diesel engines, higher speeds do not mean more power, as the maximum torque of 400 Newton meters is only available in a narrow range from 1,750 to 2,500 rpm.

The sports seats deserve praise, which are not only upholstered for long journeys, but also outstanding Provide lateral support. We need it on the narrow serpentines in the hilly hinterland. Bends are a lot of fun thanks to the precise, not too smooth M sports steering (surcharge 250 euros) and the variable all-wheel drive that is standard on the 20d. Only in very tight bends does it push easily over the front axle.

Patrick Lang
The roof line slopes down to the rear, the windows are narrow. Entry is still easy, only the all-round view is limited.

In the interior, the X2 does not stand out noticeably from the X1, unless it is , the customer chooses the optional red leather upholstery. Decorative stitching and some material differences reveal to the attentive passenger that he is in the new model. The optional ambient light creates a beautiful and high-quality atmosphere in the interior, so that you can also feel like you are in an upscale premium model. With a bit of equipment, you can easily bring an X2 like this to a price of up to 60,000 euros. The 8.8-inch screen is, as usual, on the dashboard in the middle, the infotainment is state-of-the-art and shows its content in tile look. The all-round view is somewhat limited, whether the narrow window, so that the buyer should fall back on the optional reversing camera (400 euros) or the Park Distance Control (450 euros for the rear, 800 euros for the front and rear). In addition to Park Distance Control, there is also an assistant that can take over parking for you. Entry is easy at the front and back, despite the sloping roof line. Inside, the rear passengers also have enough space, at least at their knees. As is typical of the Coupé, there is significantly less air upwards than in the X1. Seat giants should be placed in the front row, because it is much more spacious there.

M Sport also as X version

In addition to the usual M Sport the M Sport X line. The similarities are visual differentiation, standard 19-inch wheels and the new optional color Misano Blue Metallic. The M Sport X has add-on parts painted in “Frozen Gray” and is optionally available in Galvanic Gold - the second new color in the range alongside Misano blue. X2 buyers can also color the interior with red leather upholstery. An optional panorama roof lets in more light.

The new top model BMW X2 M35i will hit the road with 306 hp.

From March 2019 Then the top model BMW X2 M35i starts its attack on the competition. Its 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine (the first M Performance four-cylinder ever) develops 306 hp and 450 Newton meters. The Munich-based car accelerates from standstill to 100 km /h in 4.9 seconds. It is equipped with all-wheel drive and the 8-speed Steptronic transmission including Launch Control as standard. The fuel consumption should be 8.4 liters, the CO2 emissions 191 grams per kilometer.

From the outside, the BMW X2 M35i is on the full LED main and fog lights, its wide double kidney grille with a frame in Cerium Gray as well as the same-colored cooling air openings and the exterior mirror flaps can be recognized. The standard rear spoiler and the two exhaust system tailpipes each ten centimeters in diameter are also kept in this color. The sporty sports suspension can optionally be replaced by an adaptive suspension with two adjustable modes. The mechanical sport differential built into the transmission on the front axle reduces traction losses on the up to 20-inch front wheels. The brake system comes with 18-inch steel discs at the front and 17-inch discs at the rear. The interior of the top model is dominated by a sports leather steering wheel with shift paddles and the optional sports seats. The seats with integrated headrests can be selected in three different designs and for the first time combined with M seat belts.

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