BMW: Vans are growing strongly

Rossen Gargolov
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D he two Vans 2 Series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, both with front-wheel drive, have already reached the sales level of the previous year in the first half of 2016: In 2015, BMW sold 107,000 front-wheel drive 2-series vans worldwide, more than twice as many as 2-series coup├ęs and convertibles with rear-wheel drive. In Germany, the demand for the 2-series vans is particularly high: 76 percent of all models in the 2-series are van models with front-wheel drive.

Vans bring many new customers

Success BMW wants to win over customers of foreign brands with the front-wheel drive. The vans have a conquest rate of 60 percent in Germany, abroad the conquest rate is even higher at up to 80 percent. Worldwide, the share of vans in total BMW sales is already seven percent, in Germany even 14 percent.

Only one hope has not been fulfilled: BMW buyers have not become younger thanks to the new vans . The average age of van buyers is 55 to 60 years. The oldest BMW customers choose the Active Tourer. The seven-seater Gran Tourer, on the other hand, has the youngest buyers of the entire BMW 2 Series.


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