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BMW R Nine T Scrambler: retro bike on studs

BMW R Nine T Scrambler
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I n times when the biker community did not yet recognize the enduro genre knew, high mufflers, large tires and slightly longer suspension travel had to be enough to have fun away from the asphalted slopes. Today, with their choice, scrambler drivers show what tough guys they are and that they move beyond established conventions, even if they never leave paved roads. BMW is now jumping on this trend with the R Nine T Scrambler.

Old boxer in retro dress

In order to come across as authentic as possible, the Scrambler relies on the air-cooled boxer. The 1,170 cc two-cylinder delivers 110 hp and 116 Nm. The exhaust gases naturally escape through a raised exhaust system with two stainless steel dampers mounted on top of each other on the left. At the front, guided by a conventional telescopic fork with 125 mm suspension travel and bellows, a 19-inch cast wheel (cross-spoke wheels are only available at an additional cost) with a 120/70 tire. The centrally sprung Paralevereinarmschwinge at the rear with 140 mm of travel takes on a 17-inch rim with 170/60 tires. An inconspicuous tubular steel frame stretches in between.

Despite its retro orientation, the furnishings are contemporary. The ABS stoppers use 320 double discs with four-piston calipers at the front, two-piston pliers bite into a 265 disc at the rear.

The look of the scrambler is determined by the 17-liter sheet steel tank, the round headlights, the aluminum tubular handlebars, aluminum covers and the leather look bench. In order to be able to underline the departure from conventions, BMW Scrambler customers are offering a lavish range of customization parts, all of which of course have to be paid for separately.

BMW does not yet name prices for the BMW R Nine T Scrambler normal R Nine T costs at least 14,900 euros.


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