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BMW OS 7.0: All information, pictures and functions

BMW Operating System 7.0
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This is followed by BMW Z4 , BMW 3er , the new BMW 8er and in BMW 7er-Facelift and X 7 . The Concept X7 study already gave a first glimpse of the new cockpit.

The design of the new BMW cockpit.

Right next to theThe cockpit screen is seamlessly followed by another control display for controlling infotainment and comfort displays. In the future, the driver will change the settings on the ten freely configurable main pages with up to four tiles using the iDrive controller or voice, gesture and touch control. A flat menu structure should also simplify operation. The advertisements should be in real time.

New warning notices for 2018

Furthermore, BMW will improve in 2018 its hazard warnings in the vehicle. BMW vehicles have been optionally networked for two years and receive information on the weather or broken down vehicles. Real-time traffic jam reports based on emergency braking or requests from the police to form an emergency lane should now be possible.

As soon as the G5 mobile communications standard is commercially available, BMW will also offer it in its vehicles to enable better data transfer and vehicle networking close. In addition, the Bavarians rely on artificial intelligence for the systems that make autonomous driving possible and that can safely master particularly complex situations of inner-city traffic.


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