BMW M6 F12 from Noelle Motors

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BMW M6 F12 from Noelle Motors
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S the 4.4-liter- Biturbo V8 in the M6 ​​already with 575 hp and 680 Nm. That didn't seem enough for North Rhine-Westphalia. Using the in-house Stage 3 performance kit, they increased the performance of the convertible to 766 hp and 882 Nm. They achieved this by optimizing the map and installing downpipes including a sports catalytic converter. The electronics upgrade removes the Vmax limitation and, according to Noelle, a top speed of 345 km /h can be achieved with the M6 ​​optimized in this way. All protection programs of the drive train as well as all temperature maps remain active.

766 PS and 882 Nm are definitely impressive - also from behind.

Smaller power stages with up to 700 PS

While the maximum expansion stage 'Stage 3' is a pure export version, the smaller power stages from Noelle Motors with up to 700 hp can also be entered in the vehicle documents. A tuning guarantee is also available As a supplement to the performance enhancement, Noelle Motors offers various wheel /tire combinations as well as coilovers. As far as the color is concerned, the M6 ​​is kept in the individual winter color 'Frozen Brilliant White' - which of course in no way contradicts a convertible tour.


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