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BMW M6 Convertible from Vilner: The widest M6 of all time

BMW M6 convertible from Vilner
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M the series engine already offers 507 hp and 520 Nm torque enough potential for hot rides, so that Vilner didn't tweak it any further. On the other hand, the body of the athlete is not at all virgin.

BMW M6 Convertible from Vilner with a fat front apron

Vilner screws a new front apron on the BMW M6 Convertible. In addition, the Bulgarians pull the fenders wide and let the M6 ​​look through black-tinted LED lights. The headlights give the M6 ​​a nasty and terrifying look. According to the motto: 'Make way or I'll clear the way myself.'

To give the front section of the BMW M6 Convertible even more spice, Vilner carved a large air scoop into the bonnet. The tuner equips the side skirts with additional wing elements directly in front of the rear wheels. The Bulgarians are redesigning the rear with a new apron, flared fenders and a modified trunk lid. In the wheel arches of the M6, matt black 20-inch wheels, which are framed by a white ring, turn.

If the face of the white wide-body M6 with the brown cloth cap tears off the stool, Vilner picks it up again in the elegant interior . The interior with the finest nappa leather, Alcantara and carbon elements gives the Bavaria a Bentley touch. As a contrast to the brown base tone, the Bulgarians color the belts, the iDrive controller and the backs of the seats white.

In our picture gallery we show you the wide-body M6 from Vilner.


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