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BMW M3 model history: BMW M3 model variants with prices

BMW M3 model history
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E xakt In 1986 the very first BMW M3 with the abbreviation E30 cost 58,000 marks . It was around 15,000 marks more expensive than a 325i Cabriolet, the most exclusive three-series BMW to date. The BMW M3 Cabriolet, which was only produced 786 times for over 93,250 marks (from 1988), and the Sport Evolution limited to 600 units were even more expensive.

BMW M3 as a homologation model for racing

A BMW M3 Touring was never officially built from the factory

Exactly one year later there was a very special BMW M3, which should cost 250,000 euros, not marks - we're talking about the GTR. The coupe was a tamed racing car whose V8 was throttled from 450 to 350 hp. The BMW M3 GTR was designed for the ALMS and immediately won numerous titles in the USA in 2001. The BMW M3 CSL was not unlike the GTR visually and was even 10 hp more powerful. With the 360 ​​hp coupé introduced in 2003, M GmbH consistently followed a self-imposed diet regimen: the CSL, which is only available with an SMG transmission, slimmed down 110 kilograms, resulting in a DIN curb weight of a respectable 1,385 kilograms. Only 1,400 copies of the 85,000 euro BMW M3 CSL E46 were sold. The BMW M3 E92 has been available since 2007 as a coupe, sedan and convertible with a metal folding roof. Prices range from 66,400 to 75,650 euros. Incidentally, a BMW M3 Touring was never officially built at the factory. The competitors from Mercedes-AMG or Audi, who also offer the combination of a lot of space and a lot of power in this class, are different.


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