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BMW M3 E90 from MR Car Design: Clubsport conversion with 450 PS

MR Car Design
BMW M3 E90 by MR Car Design
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Vmax of more than 300 km /h

B he fourth generation M3 initially focused on the engine software. The result: 450 PS and 430 Nm with a Vmax of more than 300 km /h. The built-in Akrapovic Evo exhaust system also improved performance. The conversion creates contact with the road via tires of dimensions 245 /35-19 at the front and 265 /35-19 at the rear. These are adorned with black rims. In addition, 10 mm spacer plates were installed on the front axle and 15 mm spacer plates on the rear axle. In the interior, apart from a Wiechers bracket with a cross, MR Car Design also installed black Schroth belts of the Profi III-FE asm type and a rear strut bar.

An interior for the race track: Wiechers brackets with a cross, black Schroth straps and a strut brace at the back.

Chassis and brakes adapted

In addition, the M3 got a Clubsport coilover kit of variant 2 with camber adjustment from KW, which was combined with a stabilizer kit from H&R. After these interventions in the chassis, a wheel load-dependent wheel alignment was carried out. After the increase in performance, of course, something had to be done on the brakes. The yellow painted brake system from Stoptech, visible through the rims, is equipped with six pistons each that bite into 380x35 mm brake discs. The rear brake pads are from EBC and are controlled via Fischer-Stahlflex cables including SuperPro sockets. An eye-catcher at first glance: the eye-catching windscreen wedge and the typical M color scheme.


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