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BMW M Performance Parts Concept: The new carbon M2

BMW M Performance Parts Concept (2018)
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V numerous carbon attachments are responsible for this diet . The front grille and the bonnet made of carbon alone provide around eight kilograms of relief. The new carbon side walls account for a further three kilograms. To optimize the look, but also the aerodynamics, front and side sill winglets made of carbon were installed. Replacing the vehicle roof with a carbon roof has another nice side effect in addition to the six kilogram weight savings: It lowers the vehicle's center of gravity further towards the ground.

The 19-inch forged wheels with semi-trailers ensure a strong reduction in unsprung masses -Slicks. The wheels, which save six kilograms in weight, increase both driving dynamics and articulation behavior. The calipers of the 18-inch brakes and the springs are black. At the rear, the BMW engineers were able to save a further 5.5 kilograms by swapping the standard tailgate and the standard rear diffuser for carbon parts.

New battery brings weight savings of 14 kg

The basis of the concept vehicle is the BMW M2.

The new coilover kit of the BMW M Performance Parts Concept is also available for series vehicles and offers a 20 millimeter lowering. The damping technology can be set in twelve different compression and 16 different rebound stages. Installing a new battery also saves 14 kilograms in weight.

In the interior, the new steering wheel immediately catches the eye. It is covered with leather and in the grip area with Alcantara as well as with a golden contrasting seam. The same applies to the handbrake handle. The Alcantara-covered carbon sport seats with gold contrasting stitching are nine kilogramsLightweight rear seats another 13 kilograms lighter than the respective standard versions. The front seats have a folding function for easier entry into the rear area. Finally, the velor floor mats are also provided with gold contrasting stitching. Prices for the new attachments are not yet communicated.


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