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BMW M has CS protected: extra horsepower like with AMG S models?

Are the BMW M2, M4 and M8 CS coming?
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D as should be the BMW fans read: The Bavarian car manufacturer seems to want to refine its M vehicles with the 'CS' badge. As reported by autoguide.com, BMW has had the abbreviations protected by the World Intellectual Property Organization, from the M1 CS up to the M8 CS.

Not in every series of CS variants

Now that doesn't have to mean that the Munich-based company will build an M1 CS. People like to set up a little wider and prefer to register one name too many rather than too few. Otherwise it can end up like Audi with Q2 and Q4. The naming rights were initially with Fiat. Audi came to an agreement with the Italian group.

BMW, in any case, is keeping a low profile when asked, does not want to confirm anything, and does not even bubble the rumor boiler. A spokesman: “It is a normal process and has strategic reasons to have different model names and series protected. BMW AG does this for all divisions of the entire company. But that doesn't mean that we actually build cars like this. ”

Let's speculate anyway. A CS abbreviation would suit an M2. M3, M4, M5 and M6 as well. And that there will also be an M8 version of the upcoming 8 Series is more than just speculation. The GT racing car with which BMW will enter the WEC at the factory in 2018 should build on the M8 ( article ). A CS version for the road is not far off.

Exclusively for the Spanish market: M4 CS Edition.

BMW currently with Competition package

With the abbreviation CS, BMW could create a model range analogous toBuild Mercedes-AMG. In Affalterbach, more potent sports variants have an S in their name. For example the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, which gets 510 instead of 476 hp from its 4.0-liter V8 biturbo. Same game in the AMG GT sports car. And with more power in the E-Class.

BMW is currently doing this: M3 and M4 can be upgraded for an extra charge of 7,300 euros. The performance plus is part of the competition package. It costs 6,400 euros for the M4 convertible. All three then drive up with 450 instead of 431 hp. With the Competition Package, the BMW M6 jumps from 560 to 600 hp. For an additional payment of 9,500 euros. With the Competition Edition, BMW has also launched a limited special series.

In addition to small increases in performance, the CS athletes could also include other features. For example, less weight thanks to control components and special aerodynamic updates such as sprawling front splitters or rear wings. Even the competition packages are not limited to performance alone, but also entice with updates for the chassis, other wheels and sports exhaust systems. Incidentally, there is already a club athlete in the BMW line-up: the M4 CS for Spain . However, the model is limited to 60 copies. There will be no limits to the upcoming CS range. Another option: BMW uses the Spain principle and also sends other CS versions there or to other markets.

In our photo show we show you the BMW M4 CS for Spain.


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