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BMW locks up a car thief: arrest in his sleep

BMW locks car thieves
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W he Seattle police locked a car thief in his car while he was sleeping. The 38-year-old had stolen the 550i from an open garage and had driven about two kilometers before the owner noticed the theft. He had married the day before and left the car to a friend. As the Seattle Police Department reports on its blog, the keys were accidentally in the car.

Car found and locked

When the owner noticed the loss of his connected 5 Series, he called the police. The BMW determined the location of the car and locked the doors. The thief was asleep behind the wheel and the engine was running when the officers showed up. He did not try to escape. The police commented on their success with a little joke: The BMW people probably whispered something wicked over the loudspeakers, such as: 'I'm not trapped with you, you're trapped with me'.


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