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BMW K 1600 B Bagger: American biker's dream

BMW K 1600 B Bagger
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M it the K 1600, BMW has had one for some time stately six-cylinder in the program, which was previously only available in a super tourer dress. Too much for many American customers who value maximum drive comfort but otherwise like to reduce something. Harley and others have shown the way and slimmed down their super tourers. What remains is a decent fairing - but not too big, and two suitcases /saddlebags for the most essential luggage. The bags then also lead to the name Bagger.

Everything for the teardrop shape

BMW has now also embarked on the American path to further accelerate growth in the North American market. The K 1600 B relies on the well-known, transversely installed 1.6-liter in-line six-cylinder with 160 hp, 175 Nm torque and cardan drive.

However, the silhouette was adapted to the teardrop shape typical of excavators. The chopped, electrically adjustable window of the front fairing marks the highest point, from where the lines drop down into the rear in a teardrop shape. A new rear frame ensures an extremely low seating position for the pillion passenger. The 11-twin-spoke forged wheels have been redesigned. The tailpipes have chrome. Running boards optionally round off the appearance.

Even if the maxim is cruising, the excavator comes with an electronically controlled driver, a shift assistant for upshifting and downshifting without a clutch (option) and an emergency call system. In addition, as in the updated K 1600, there is also a reverse gear on board. It works electrically and uses the starter as a propellant.

Cruising or even over 200 km /h

Other features include seat heating, an audio connection in the right case, and traction control , ABS, xenon headlights, heated grips, a multi-function display and cruise control.

The 336 kg heavy excavator maintains contact with the road using rather sporty tire sizes: 17-inch wheels with 120/70 tires at the front and 190/55 tires back. If necessary, the six-cylinder should whip the excavator to 100 km /h in 3.2 seconds, with a maximum of over 200 km /h. Facts that should hardly interest the cruiser. The price, on the other hand, does, but BMW will not name it until the spring, when the K 1600 B will also roll out to German dealers.


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